Best, greatest and top Champions League goalkeepers ever in history!

Greatest Champions League goalkeepers

Best Champions League goalkeepers? Top Champions League goalkeepers? Greatest Champions League goalkeepers? Who makes the hall of fame? European hall of fame! In the first of a European series of Top 10 countdowns, we’re going to look at the best goalkeepers ever to grace the European cup.

Their spot on the list could be down to a number of reasons, a fantastic moment that went down in history, contribution to their team in the competition, or just for being all-round world class.

Best Champions League goalkeepers

So let’s dive into the list, here are Sillyseason’s best, greatest and top Champions League goalkeepers in history!!

Lets take a look at who makes the list.

10) Edwin Van Der Sar – Winner with Ajax and Manchester United

With plenty appearences and two winners medals to his name, one with Ajax and one with Man United, Van Der Sar is a Manchester United legend at both league and European level.


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