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Europe’s Top 10 Most Profitable Stadiums!


2. Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid): €143.4 million

Most profitable stadiums in Europe












Europe’s highly successful club, Real Madrid has earned the right to play in the Bernabeu. Some of the world’s greatest players have played here and added to the value of this beautiful stadium. Cristiano Ronaldo called Bernabeu home even a few years ago. With the profit’s they’re making, Madrid are now looking at the prospect of adding a retractable roof for around €400m.

1. Camp Nou (Barcelona): €144.8 million

Beating all the others in the list and standing strong at the number 1 position, this is the largest stadium located in Spain. Barcelona now uses this stadium as their home ground. The stadium is blessed with the grace of some of the greatest football players, with Lionel Messi being one of them. It surely deserves its place among the best football stadiums in the world.



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