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Top 10 most popular leagues in the world


8. MLS

Top 10 most popular leagues in the world 1

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The football league of USA, MLS, is still in its infancy and yet to achieve the popularity of the other leagues in this list but it’s been growing on a phenomenal level. Most of this growth can be contributed to the fact that some of the best players in the world after retiring from the top clubs in the world are coming here.

One of the most popular football player of all time, David Beckham, played for LA Galaxy and Kaka also added some glamour to this football league. MLS deserves its place among the most popular football leagues in the world right now.

7. Brasileirao

Top 10 most popular leagues in the world 2
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Brazil is the mecca of football and this league is the holy grail of the Brazilian fans as greats like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Garrincha, Zico, Carlos, Neymar, etc started their careers here. This league is the perennial hotbed of talents to be discovered and thus the quality of football and competitiveness is pretty high.

With an average of 1.23 goals a match, it is one of the most entertaining leagues out there. This league also made some of the best prospects in football since its inauguration.


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