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Worst El Clasico Fights – Worst El Clasico Moments Ever!


Worst El Clasico fights:

Classic Row

One from the vaults here as we see two absolute club legends facing off against each other. Real’s classy but gritty old defender Fernando Hierro and Barcelona and Brazil’s maestro Rivaldo get into it a little back in 2001, after a 50/50 upset both players.

The clash is textbook continental. A nothing challenge sees some serious histrionics, some shouting, a few faux headbutts and, of course, plenty of girly slaps. And plenty of ‘he ain’t even worth it!’ action from interfering teammates.

One in the Eye for Tito Vilanova

A nasty one, this. And perhaps the only clash in this list in which the aggressor has gone on to show real contrition for his actions. Immediately after poking Barca coach Tito Vilanova in the eye following their 2011 3-2 Spanish Super Cup defeat, Real boss Jose Mourinho was unrepentant. But a year later, he apologised for the ocular digit jab.

‘I should not have done what I did, obviously not. The person who messed up there was me,’ the ex and future Chelsea man said in 2012. Vilanova would go on to lose his battle with throat cancer just two years later and his old Bernabeu foe would lead the tributes. ‘Tito Vilanova’s passing is a sad day for football, for Barcelona and most importantly for his family and friends,’ Mourinho said. A humbling end to an angry but mostly respectful rivalry.

Messi Vs. Carvalho’s Elbow

If one fight was not enough in Barcelona’s 5-0 win over Madrid in 2010, then here’s another one. Ricardo Carvalho’s legitimate tackle on Leo Messi, who terrorised the Real defenders all night, was followed by an angry response from the Portuguese defender.

The former Chelsea man seemed to elbow the Argentinian, although it still is a contentious incident. Either way, yellow cards were issued following the standard handbags that preceded.


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