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Brescia Players Salaries 2022: Weekly Wages 2021/22

Brescia Players Salaries 2022: Weekly Wages 2021/22

Brescia Players Salaries 2022

Brescia Players Salaries 2022? Which players are the highest paid players at Brescia? Have you ever wanted to find out which players are the highest paid at Brescia? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Brescia Players Salaries 2022 (Weekly Wages). Watch & Bet Football Here =>
Brescia Players Salaries 2022: Weekly Wages 2021/22
Brescia is an Italian football club based in Brescia, Lombardy. Brescia plays in the top tier of Italy, Serie A.

The team was founded in 1911 as Brescia Football Club, joining the Terza Categoria division the same year. Brescia play in blue and while V-lined shirt, white shorts, and blue socks. The club stadium is the 19,500 seat Stadio Mario Rigamonti.

Highest Paid Brescia Player 2022 (Weekly Wages)

Who is the highest paid player at Brescia? Brescia Player Wages? Serie A wages? How much do German Serie A footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Brescia? Who are the highest-earning players at Brescia?

Brescia Players Salaries 2020 (Weekly Wages) (Highest Paid)
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The highest paid player at Brescia is Mario Balotelli with €37,000 per week, followed by Alessandro Matri, who earns €35,500 per week.

Brescia players salary 2022 (Weekly Wage)

Brescia are said to be paying €28 million on salaries this season. By spending this amount, Brescia have the nineteenth highest wage bill in the Serie A.

Juventus is the club in Italy that pays the most: €294 million, followed followed by Inter Milan (€139 million), AS Roma (€125 million) and AC Milan (€115 million). €1360 million will be paid in wages this season in Italy, which is the highest number in the last decade.

So here are the Brescia Players Salaries and contract details 2022.

Brescia Players Salaries and contracts 2022

Player Name Age Weekly Salary Contract Until
Mario Balotelli 29 €37,000 2022
Alessandro Matri 35 €35,500 2022
Alfredo Donnarumma 28 €21,000 2022
Giangiacomo Magnani 23 €21,000 2022
Romulo 32 €21,000 2022
Ernesto Torregrossa 27 €16,000 2022
Daniele Dessena 32 €14,250 2022
Jesse Joronen 26 €12,000 2022
Daniele Gastaldello 36 €10,500 2022
Luca Tremolada 27 €10,500
Bruno Martella 27 €9,000 2022
Dimitri Bisoli 25 €9,000 2024
Sandro Tonali 19 €9,000 2021
Stefani Sabelli 26 €9,000 2021
Emanuele Ndoj 22 €7,000 2022
Enrico Alfonso 31 €7,000 2021
Leonardo Morosini 23 €7,000 2022
Jaromir Zhmhal 26 €6,000 2023
Nikolas Spalek 22 €5,000 2022
Ales Matjeu 23 €3,500
Florian Aye 22 €3,500 2022
Jhon Chancellor 27 €3,500 2022
Alessandro Semprini 21 €3,500 2021
Andrea Cistana 22 €3,500 2021
Mattia Viviani 19 €3,500 2021
Felipe Curcio 26 €3,500 2022

Brescia stream

Brescia fans are mostly from the Bergamo area in Lombardy.

There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top level. Brescia live stream online free is something that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Brescia.

Brescia Players Wages 2020 (Weekly Salaries) (Highest Paid)
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Brescia game schedule

Fixtures Brescia? There are 38 Serie A matches.

Then they also play the domestic cup competitions which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Brescia fixtures make it possible to play one or two matches within a week.

When it comes to Brescia fixtures and Brescia schedule, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Serie A game schedule. You can read more here. Watch & Bet Football Here =>
Brescia Players Salaries 2022

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