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Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages 2023/24

Middlesbrough Players Salaries

Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024 – Highest Middlesbrough players salary per week and weekly wages 2023/2024!

Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024? Who are Middlesbrough’s highest paid players at Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024? How much do Middlesbrough players get paid at Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024?

Have you ever wondered on which players at Middlesbrough are the highest paid for Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the full list of Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Middlesbrough players salary per week 2024 – here are the Middlesbrough players salary per week and contract details 2023/24!

Middlesbrough Players Salaries per week
Middlesbrough Football Club is based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England. They are currently competing in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football. Starting in 1876,  Borough have played at the Riverside Stadium since 1995, which is their third ground since 1889.

Middlesbrough won the League Cup in 2004. It is the club’s first and only major trophy. So here we look at the history and also the Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2018/19.

Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024

Middlesbrough’s nicknames are; The Boro and Smoggies. They will play in the Championship for the 2018/19 season. The nickname “Smoggies” was first used as a derogatory term by opposing supporters relating to the industrial air pollution ‘smog’ that covered the town, but it was later adopted by Middlesbrough fans as a badge of pride.

Middlesbrough were a prominent and consistent Premier League team in the 90’s and early 00’s. But after being relegated to the Championship in the 2008/09 season, Middlesbrough suffered a dramatic downfall. They had to sell a lot of players to lower the wage bill. The Midlands club stayed in the Championship eight seasons until 2016 when they gained promotion back into the Premier League.

However, Middlesbrough only lasted one season in the Premier League in 16/17 and in 17/18 they were playing back in the Championship again.

Middlesbrough supporters, rivals and home ground

The club’s main rivals are Sunderland and Newcastle United. There is also a rivalry with fellow Yorkshire club Leeds United.

Middlesbrough’s home ground is at Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough. It can host up to 34,000  fans so it is a reasonably sized stadium which would be big enough for the Premier League.

Middlesbrough kit is red with white.  The current shirt crest has a red lion.

Middlesbrough salary for new players and signings – arrivals 2023/24

Middlesbrough signed a number of players for the upcoming 2023/24 season. They signed Tom Glover and Jamie Jones on free transfers.

Middlesbrough New Signings Age Club Transfer Fee
Emmanuel Latte Lath 24 Atalanta BC €5.00m
Finn Azaz 23 Aston Villa U21 €2.90m
Seny Dieng 28 QPR €2.30m
Lukas Engel 24 Silkeborg IF €1.75m
Morgan Rogers 20 ManCity U21 €1.20m
Alex Bangura 24 SC Camburr €670k
Alex Gilbert 21 Brentford B free transfer
Tom Glover 25 Melbourne City free transfer
Jamie Jones 34 Wigan free transfer

Middlesbrough Departure – 2023/24

Middlesbrough New Signings Age Club Transfer Fee
Chuba Akpom 27 Ajax €12.30m
Morgan Rogers 21 Aston Villa €9.40m
Martin Payero 24 Udinese Calcio €3.00m
Matt Crooks 30 Salt Lake €1.00m
Joe Lumley 28 Southhampton free transfer
Grant Hall 31 Rotherham free transfer
Luke Daniels 35 Forest Green free transfer
Marc Bola 25 Samsunspor ?
Mathhew Hope 22 San Jose loan transfer

Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2024 (Weekly Wage)

Middlesbrough Players Salaries 2020

Highest paid Middlesbrough player per week 2024 – who has the highest weekly wage at Middlesbrough 2024?

Who is the highest paid player at Middlesbrough? Middlesbrough highest players salary? Championship highest wages per week? How much do Championship footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Middlesbrough? Who are the highest-earning players at Middlesbrough? Watch & Bet Football Live =>

Middlesbrough highest paid player 2023/24 – who is Middlesbrough highest paid player?

Middlesbrough do not reveal their wage bill but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below – it is likely that players such as Jonathan Howson, Paddy McNair and Matt Crooks are earning the most at Middlesbrough.

The highest-paid player at Middlesbrough is the former Leeds midfielder, Jonathan Howson. Jonathan Howson is currently the highest paid player at Middlesbrough with a salary of £25,000 per week. Paddy McNair is second highest paid player at Middlesbrough with a weekly wage of £20,000.

Middlesbrough Highest Paid Player Salary Per Week Yearly Salary
Sam Greenwood £30,000 £1,560,000
Luke Ayling £25,000 £1,300,000
Jonathan Howson £25,000 £1,300,000

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Middlesbrough players salaries and contracts 2024

How much do Middlesbrough players earn in salary per week? Middlesbrough player’s weekly salary? Jonathan Howson weekly wages? How much does Paddy McNair and Matt Crooks earn per week?

Who is Middlesbrough’s Highest-Paid players per week? Here are all Middlesbrough players salary per week (weekly wages) and Middlesbrough players salaries and contract details.

Here are the current wages of Middlesbrough Salaries 2023/24 season.

Player Name Weekly Salary Yearly Salary Contract until
Sam Greenwood £30,000 £1,560,000 May 31, 2024
Luke Ayling £25,000 £1,300,000 Jun 30, 2026
Jonathan Howson £25,000 £1,300,000 Jun 30, 2024
Paddy McNair £25,000 £1,040,000 Jun 30, 2024
Lewis O’Brien £15,000 £780,000 Jun 30, 2026
Matt Crooks £15,000 £780,000 Jun 30, 2025
Emmanuel Latter £14,000 £730,000 Jun 30, 2026
Marcus Forss £14,000 £730,000 Jun 30, 2026
Matt Clarke £13,000 £680,000 Jun 30, 2025
Darragh Lenihan £10,000 £530,000 Jun 30, 2026
Tommy Smith £10,000 £520,000 Jun 30, 2025
Luke Engel £10,000 £520,000 Jun 30, 2026
Matthew Hoppe £10,000 £520,000 Jun 30, 2026
Riley McGree £9,500 £490,000 Jun 30, 2025
Josh Coburn £7,500 £390,000 Jun 30, 2027
Hayden Hackney £6,500 £338,000 Jun 30, 2027
Isaiah Jones £6,500 £330,000 Jun 30, 2025
Dan Barlaser £6,000 £312,000 Jun 30, 2026
Anfernee Dijksteel £5,500 £310,000 Jun 30, 2025
Dael Fry £5,500 £290,000 Jun 30, 2026
Alex Bangura £5,500 £290,000 Jun 30, 2026
Hayden Coulson £5,500 £290,000 Jun 30, 2025
Lewis O’Brien £5,000 £260,000 May 31, 2024
Alex Gilbert £5,000 £260,000 Jun 30, 2027
Emmanuel Latte Lath £5,000 £260,000 Jun 30, 2027
Jamie Jones £5,000 £260,000 Jun 30, 2024
Alex Bangura £5,000 £260,000 Jun 30, 2027
Tom Glover £5,000 £260,000 Jun 30, 2027
Sam Silvera £5,000 £260,000 Jun 30, 2027
Jamie Jones £2,500 £140,000 Jun 30, 2027
Rav van den Berg £2,500 £140,000 May 31, 2024
Alex Gilbert £2,000 £100,000 Jun 30, 2026
Finn Azaz £0 £0 Jun 30, 2027

And that is the list of Middlesbrough players salaries and market value.

Middlesbrough news and latest news about Middlesbrough FC!

Middlesbrough FC (Football Club) commonly referred to as The Smoggies or simply known as Boro is a English football club.

The club was founded in 1876 and are competing in the Championship, the second tier of English football.

The team plays its home matches at the Riverside Stadium and is said to be a tricky ground for oppositions to win.

The club came close to folding in 1986 after experiencing severe financial difficulties. Boro somehow overcame those difficulties.

After that a shift of ownership took place and the club was reconstructed.

They had to start in division 3, but would climb up and played in the Premier League season 1996-97.

Boro were one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992 and became one of the first clubs to be relegated from it following the 1992–93 season.

Smoggies mainly share rivalry with Sunderland and Newcastle United, they also share local rivalry with Leeds United.

Middlesbrough FC titles

The club’s traditional kit is red with white detailing.

Their kit has remained the same over the years with a red shirt, either red or white shorts, and socks.

Boro have used several types of crests throughout their history, the most recent of which featues a lion rampant was adopted in 2007.

The club has won one major trophy.

Domestically, Middlesbrough FC has won:

Second Division/Championship titles: 4

League Cup: 1

FA Youth Cup: 1

FA Amateur Cup: 1

In international club football, Middlesbrough FC was:

Runner-up in UEFA Cup in 2005/06 season and won the Kirin Cup once.

Middlesbrough FC transfer news

Middlesbrough players transfer news is pretty inactive these days. The highest transfer fee that the club has paid for a player is £13,5 million for Afonso Alves in 2007 from Dutch side Heerenveen.

Alves turned out to be huge flop for the Boro, as the club was relegated to Championship in 2009.

In recent transfer window the club has brought in 16 players and sold/released around 20 players.

Middlesbrough transfer rumours

There is always some news and rumours when it comes to Middlesbrough.

They have so many potential talented players in the club and will hope to return to the English top flight.

There are various English sites and newspapers with the Middlesbrough transfer rumours. 

Middlesbrough FC latest news

Middlesbrough news is often about the game but there are other interesting things to look at. Like, Middlesbrough’s tickets, shirts and match kits. There are many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or desktop.

Check out the twitter and official website to find out more about the club. Watch & Bet Football Here =>
Middlesbrough Players Salaries per year

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