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Lampard criticized for keeping it classy in spy-gate affair


Former Arsenal and Celtic star Charlie Nicholas has hit out at Frank Lampard and said that spy-gate is a normal issue which teams are aware of.

“Are you telling me Frank Lampard, when he was at Chelsea, with team-mates and opposition isn’t finding out who’s in and out with them? What’s the big dramatic difference if someone is suspiciously hanging about the training session? It happened a lot in my day, it was just something you expect”, Nicholas said.

“I remember the 1986 World Cup, we were playing Denmark in the first game and there were journalists invited to all different sessions. You don’t really record it on video cameras and stuff, but you could easily note down what the coach is doing on notepads and identify the kind of set-up that was happening in front of you, with set pieces and so on”, he added

“The way it is now is everything has to be professional, but it’s all about results. You might not like it, it might not suit you, but I have to again acknowledge Frank Lampard because after the game had no excuses and said the best team won. But it’s something nice to talk about,” he concluded.

Nicholas’ stern defence of spy-gate and counter criticism of Lampard for doing his job certainly shows his fantastic analysis of ethics. We urge him to join the peace corps, next.

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