Manchester United Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages)

Manchester United Players Salaries 2018

Manchester United Players Wages List 2018

Manchester United Players Salaries 2018? How does the Manchester United players salaries list look like? How much do Manchester United players get paid?  Who is the highest paid Manchester United Player? Have you ever thought of finding out which players are the highest paid in Manchester United? Manchester United Players Salaries 2018? Well, if you have then worry. We have prepared a Manchester United Players Salaries list that will show all the Manchester United Players Salaries 2018.

Manchester United Players Salaries 2018 (Wage Bill 2017-18)

Manchester United is the most successful club in English football and is also one of the best around the world. The Red Devils are the world’s most expensive club. So it’s no surprise that Manchester United Players Salaries 2018 are very high.

Just before the beginning of the 2017-18 season Man Utd spent a massive £147 million on three players. Man Utd added Romelu Lukaku, Viktor Lindelhof and Nemanja Matic to the wage bill. At the same time they also re-signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic on free transfer, although the Swede reportedly took a pay cut of around 50%.

However, their wage bill is set to decrease given the summer departures of big earners Wayne Rooney and Bastian Schweinsteiger during the summer. Despite this they remain the club with the biggest wage bill in the Premier League.

During the 2016-17 season Man Utd spent a massive £116 million on another three players, bringing in Paul Pogba, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Eric Bailly. Manchester United’s wage bill dropped this season to £203 million a year from £215 million last year after offloading a number of players.

After United, the biggest wage bill belongs to cross-town rivals Manchester City, closely followed by Chelsea who are just shy of the £200m mark.

Manchester United Salaries 2018

Manchester United Player Wages Per Week 2017/18

Manchester United Players Salaries 2018: Marcus Rashford salary per week? Paul Pogba salary per week? Zlatan Ibrahimovic salary per week? Marcus Rashford salary per week? Recently Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic signed with Manchester United for a massive salary of £290,000 and £220,000 per week.

Manchester United Players Salaries 2018 (full squad contracts)

How much do Manchester United players earnManchester United Players Salaries 2018? Manchester United player salary list is very interesting. Here is the full squad list of Manchester United Players wages and contracts details 2017-18. Here are all the contract expiry dates and weekly wages (wages per week). Manchester United Players Salaries 2018.

Player Age Weekly Wage Deal Contract until
David de Gea 26 £200,000   2019-06-30
Sergio Romero 30 £50,000   2021-06-30
Joel Pereira 21 Unconfirmed   2021-06-30
Marcos Rojo 27 £70,000   2019-06-30
Phil Jones 25 £50,000   2019-06-30
Chris Smalling 27 £80,000   2019-06-30
Eric Bailly  23 £75,000   2020-06-30
Victor Lindelof 22 £75,000 New Signing 2021-06-30
Antonio Valencia 31 £100,000   2019-06-30
Luke Shaw 22 £70,000   2018-06-30
Matteo Darmian  27 £60,000   2019-06-30
Daley Blind 27 £75,000   2018-06-30
Michael Carrick 36 £80,000 New Contract 2018-06-30
Nemanja Matic 29 £120,000 New Signing 2020-06-30
Ander Herrera 27 £75,000   2018-06-30
Marouane Fellaini 30 £80,000   2018-06-30
Juan Mata 29 £140,000 New Contract 2019-06-30
Jesse Lingard 24 £25,000   2021-06-30
Paul Pogba 24 £290,000   2021-06-30
Alexis Sanchez 29 £400,000 New Signing 2022-06-30
Ashley Young 32 £110,000   2018-06-30
Anthony Martial 21 £65,000   2019-06-30
Andreas Pereira 21 £10,000   2018-06-30
Romelu Lukaku 24 £200,000 New Signing 2022-06-30
Marcus Rashford 19 £20,000   2020-06-30
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 35 £125,000 New Signing 2018-06-30

Manchester United Players Salaries 2018

The information about the Man Utd players Salaries, weekly wages and contracts is based upon facts collected from BBC, Guardian, and other reliable sources.

Highest paid Manchester United players salary per week? Manchester United Players Salaries 2018? Which are the highest paid players in Manchester United? Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Bastian Schweinsteiger, David de Gea and Juan Mata are highest paid players in Manchester United.

Who is the highest paid player in Manchester United 2018? Alexis Sanchez is the highest paid player in Manchester United with a weekly salary of £400,000 which is the highest in the Premier League.

Wayne Rooney was for a long time the highest paid player in Manchester United before departing for Everton over the summer. Romelu Lukaku made the opposite move to United from Goodison Park, and is now the club’s joint-second highest earner on £200,000 per week, alongside David de Gea.

Man United Players Earnings 2018

Highest Salaries in Premier League

Manchester United Squad Salaries compared with other teams in Premier League. Here you will find some of the other teams wages for 2018:

Manchester United Financial Data 2017/18

Below are the numbers of how Manchester United are doing despite not being at their best form recently and also failing to qualify for the Champions League during the past seasons. The difference is about difference in profit.

Financial details 2016/17 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14
Total Revenue £615m £395m £433m £363m
Commercial revenue £318m £196m £189m £153m
Broadcasting revenue £152m £107m £135m £102m
Matchday revenue:  £107m £91m £109m £109m
Wage Bill
£232m £202m £214m £180m
(Loss)/Profit (-£142m) (£0,95) £23.8m £146m

You can find the latest Annual Report here. Last year Manchester United managed to secure one of the most expensive Kit suppliers deals with Adidas and also one of the biggest shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League with Chevrolet. This mean that the club is well founded and will continue to buy high-class players in the coming years.


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