Millwall Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages)

Milwall Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages)

Millwall Players Salaries 2018? Who are Millwall’s highest earning players? How much do Millwall players get paid? Have you ever wondered on which players at Millwall are the highest paid? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the full list of Millwall players salaries 2018/19.

Millwall FC is a Championship based football club in Bermondsey, South East London, England. They compete in the second tier of English football. Founded in 1885, Millwall is one of the oldest English teams.

Millwall play at a ground called called The Den. The traditional club crest is a lion rampant, referred to in the team’s nickname “The Lions”.

The lions traditional kit consists of blue shirts, white shorts and blue socks. They have not played in the first tier of English football for over a decade (1989-90).

Millwall Information 2018

Millwall’s nickname is the Lions.

Millwall’s main rivals historically have been local neighbors West Ham United. The rivalry is known worldwide due to the portrayal of football hooliganism from Millwall fans in several films including blockbuster “Green street hooligans”. Other rivals include; Leeds United, Crystal Palace and Charlton.

Millwall’s home ground is at the ‘Den’. It can host up to 20,146 fans so it is neither the biggest stadium or smallest stadium.

The Millwall home colours are blue shirts, blue socks and white shorts The traditional club crest is a lion rampant, referred to in the team’s nickname “The Lions”.

Millwall players salaries 2018/19 (Weekly Wage)

Who is earning the most at Millwall? Who are the highest paid players at Millwall?

Millwall players salaries 2018 2019

Millwall Players Salaries

Millwall, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information from Premier League teams which are often accurate. But for Championship and League One teams, very little is known about players wage bills. What we can tell you is that the average player wages in the Championship are just under £20,000 per-week. Since Millwall are often going between the League One and the Championship, they would probably be on slightly lower than average wages.

Millwall players salaries 2018/19

#PlayerPosAgeContract untilMarket value
13Ben AmosGK2831/05/19£675k
1Jordan ArcherGK2530/06/19£450k
16David MartinGK3230/06/19£225k
5Jake CooperCB2330/06/20£450k
17Byron WebsterCB3130/06/19£450k
4Shaun HutchinsonCB2730/06/20£360k
25Murray WallaceCB25£225k
3James MeredithLB3030/06/19£675k
2Conor McLaughlinRB2730/06/19£450k
12Mahlon RomeoRB2230/06/19£450k
6Shaun WilliamsDM3130/06/18£450k
23George SavilleCM2530/06/20£1.35m
18Ryan TunnicliffeCM2530/06/19£675k
8Ben ThompsonCM2230/06/18£180k
7Jed WallaceRM2430/06/20£450k
10Fred OnyedinmaRM2130/06/20£450k
11Shane FergusonLM2730/06/18£450k
26Jiri SkalakLM2630/06/21£1.35m
9Lee GregoryST2930/06/19£900k
20Steve MorisonST3430/06/18£450k
22Aiden O’BrienST2430/06/19£450k
19Tom ElliottST2730/06/19£180k

Millwall news and latest news about Millwall!

Millwall FC fans

Millwall (Football Club) commonly referred to as The Lions or simply known as Millwall is a English football club.

The club was founded in 1885 and are is currently competing in the Championship, the second tier of English football.

The team has been playing its home matches at ‘The Den ‘since 1997, having previously played at The Old Den.

The original capacity of The Den is currently around 20,000.

Lions share intense rivalry with West Ham United, it is a popular local rivalry.

Millwall titles

The club’s traditional kit has predominantly consisted of blue shirts, white shorts and blue socks throughout their 125-year history.

They switched it around with yellow and white in years gone by.

The club badge has a giant lion called Zampa, named after Zampa Road and the road called The Den located nearby.

The Team have failed to convert their efforts into trophies on various occasions.

Domestically won:

Second Division/Championship titles: 1

Third Division/League One Play-Off winners: 3

FA Youth Cup: 1

In international club football they were:

Qualified for UEFA Cup in 2004.

Millwall transfer news

Players transfer news isn’t very active to be honest.

Barry Kitchener, Harry Cripps, Alan Dunne and Paul Robinson are few of their legendary players.

In recent transfer window the club has brought in 13 players. In which 2 players were loaned in and few from Derby County and Wolves.

Millwall transfer rumours

There is always some news and rumours when it comes to the London club.

The team spent two seasons in the top flight between 1988–90, in which the club achieved its highest ever finish of 10th place.

There are various English as well as English sites and newspapers with the Millwall transfer rumours. 

Millwall streaming

The teams famous fixtures are called Local Derby is said to be associated with hooliganism.

West Ham are the club’s fiercest rivals, with the Local derby often marred by rebellious hooliganism.

There are many fans who want to be a part of the team spirit and see Millwall live stream and follow the club every week.

Millwall live stream online free is something that interests many. There are many different streaming sites, gaming companies and betting pages with live stream. You can watch all TV broadcasts from the English League and the various domestic cups the club takes part in.

Millwall fixtures

Fixtures Millwall? The Championship is determined after the end of 46 gameweeks.

This means that the club will be playing 46 matches per season in the league.

Then, they also play in the various domestic cups and in Europe if only they qualify.

This makes it more or less than 50-60 matches in a season.

That’s why their schedule is generally hectic. It should not come as a surprise that the club plays two matches in a week sometimes.

When it comes to Millwall fixtures and schedule, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Championship’s game schedule.

Millwall match today?

It’s easy to find when the team is playing their next match. They often play on Saturdays when it comes to league games and to be absolutely sure we have collected all the matches in one and the same place.

Millwall Champions League

They didn’t taste much success in European stages.

However, the club qualified for UEFA Cup in 2004.

Millwall’s next game

When do they play next? There are many who want to see the team play because of various reasons. They are a young team having many talented players.

They finished 6th of the table in the League One table last year, but pounced the chance of promotion to Championship by winning the Play-Offs and are looking to secure Premier League promotion this season by doing the same.

Millwall starting lineup

The Lions manager is Neil Harris. Looking at players and the squad, they have many quality young players.

It is a young squad that has the potential to return to the top flight in the future.

In past they have produced quite some talent.

As mentioned above Barry Kitchener, Harry Cripps, Alan Dunne and Paul Robinson are few of their legendary players.

Millwall news

Sometimes we notice the news surrounding the English club. They are looking to challenge some of the biggest clubs in the England.

If we look at the club’s payroll, they pay some of the lowest in Europe or even in England. But the promotion to top flight football could help their future star players earn more and help the club grow financially as well.

Millwall latest news

The latest team news is often about the game but there are other interesting things to look at. Like tickets, shirts and match kits. There are many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or desktop.

Check out the twitter and official website to find out more about the club.

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