Sheffield Wednesday Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages)

Sheffield Wednesday Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages)

Sheffield Wednesday Players Salaries 2018? Who are Sheffield Wednesday’s highest-paid players? How much do Sheffield Wednesday players earn? Have you ever wondered about which players at Sheffield Wednesday earn the most? Well if you have, then worry not, because we have prepared a full list of the Sheffield Wednesday player salaries 2018/19.

Sheffield Wednesday Information 2018

Sheffield Wednesday FC (Football Club) has spent most of its league history in English football’s top flight, but they have not played at that level since being relegated in 2000.

The club was founded in the year 1867 and are the third-oldest professional association football club in England.

They are also known as The Owls or simply just Wednesday.

Since the club was formed in 1867 The Owls have played in various grounds including Bramall Lane. But since 1899 they have been using only one home ground throughout the years, Hillsborough stadium.

Hillsborough stadium holds a capacity of around 40,000 seats and the club owners are aiming to expand it up to 50,000 and make further improvements. Football fans might have come across the term “Hillsborough disaster” many times.

On 15th April 1989 at FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death after the terraces at the Leppings Lane end of the ground became overcrowded resulting to this disaster.

The club’s home colours are blue for shirts and white for shorts.

Highest Paid Sheffield Wednesday Player 2018/19 (Weekly Wage)

Sheffield Wednesday players salaries Steven Fletcher

Who is earning the most at Sheffield Wednesday? Who are the highest-paid players at Sheffield Wednesday?

Wednesday do not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in table below- it is likely that players such as Tom Lees, Fernando Forestieri and Adam Reach are earning the most at Sheffield Wednesday.

Sheffield Wednesday players salaries 2018/19 (Weekly Wage)

Sheffield Wednesday, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information from Premier League teams which are often accurate. But for Championship and League One teams, very little is known about players wage bills. But here we take a look at the likely Sheffield Wednesday Players Salaries.

However, we can tell you that Sheffield Wednesday’s wage bill is over £25 million as of Summer 2018. Fernando Forestieri and Barry Bannan are reportedly two of the the clubs top earners.

As for the rest of the players? What we can tell you is that the average player wages in the Championship are just under £20,000 per-week. Since Sheffield Wednesday are often going between the League One and the Championship, they would probably be on slightly lower than average wages. So here are the Sheffield Wednesday Players Salaries and contract details 2018/19.

Sheffield Wednesday players salaries 2018/19

#PlayerPosAgeMarket value
1Keiren WestwoodGK33£900k
28Joe WildsmithGK22£225k
25Cameron DawsonGK23£68k
42Matthew PenneyCB20
15Tom LeesCB27£4.05m
4Joost van AkenCB24£2.25m
24Ash BakerCB21
26Connor O’GradyCB20
35Frederik Fisker NielsenCB20
36Daniel PudilLB32£1.35m
6Morgan FoxLB24£675k
12Jordan ThornileyLB21£90k
2Liam PalmerRB26£450k
31Connor KirbyCM19
23Sam HutchinsonDM29£1.80m
8Joey PelupessyDM25£1.35m
5Kieran LeeDM30£675k
10Barry BannanCM28£2.70m
22Almen AbdiCM31£1.80m
3David JonesCM33£900k
21George BoydRM32£2.25m
20Adam ReachLM25£3.60m
37Fraser PrestonFW19
19Marco MatiasRW29£1.35m
45Fernando ForestieriST28£6.30m
14Gary HooperST30£3.15m
9Steven FletcherST31£2.70m
18Lucas JoãoST24£1.80m
11Sam WinnallST27£900k
17Atdhe NuhiuST29£450k
44Jack StobbsST21

Sheffield Wednesday FC news and latest news The Owls!

Sheffield Wednesday fans

Sheffield Wednesday FC titles

The Owls have tasted league success in the consecutive years twice i.e 1902-04 and 1928-30.

Owls have spent most of their time in the top flight and since 2000 they have been around the second and third tiers of English football in the recent years.

The Owls have finished as either runners-up or as semi finalists in cup competitions for 3 times.

Domestically, Sheffield Wednesday FC has won:

First Division/Premier League: 4

Second Division/Championship titles: 3

FA Cup: 3

League Cup: 1

FA Community Field: 1

In international club football, Sheffield Wednesday FC:

Wednesday have taken part in UEFA-sanctioned cup competition on four occasions but haven’t won anything.

Sheffield Wednesday transfer news

Sheffield Wednesday players transfer news is very inactive for a Championship side.

The Owls have signed only 3 players and loaned in 2 players in the recent transfer windows.

They have sold or released about 9 players in the process.

The club still needs to up their transfer business game to go further in the English league.

Sheffield Wednesday transfer rumours

There is always news and rumours when it comes to The Owls.

There are usually several pages with  Sheffield Wednesday transfer rumours on the internet and in the newspapers and there is nothing to write about if the newspapers usually find news.

If it’s not credible news, it’s usually rumours that they’ve taken from the air and the Internet.

Sheffield Wednesday stream

The Owls are loyally supported across Owlerton area, which is far away from the City.

Once upon a time, Wednesday were the fourth best supported team in the country, but although that ranking has come down since relegation from the Premier League in 2000.

The club’s long time rivals are Sheffield United.

When Sheffield United and Wednesday clash it is a noticeable club derby.

Matches between the Sheffield clubs is known as the “Steel Derby”. Steel is used due to Sheffield’s history of steel production.

There are many fans who want to see their club get back on track and compete on a top level.

Sheffield Wednesday live stream online free is possible anywhere.

There are many sites to stream Sheffield Wednesday.

Sheffield Wednesday game schedule

Fixtures Sheffield Wednesday? There are 46 game weeks in the Championship from August to May.

That means 46 matches per season only in the league are taken into equation.

Then they also play the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Therefore,  Sheffield Wednesday fixtures are more packed and they often play two or three matches within a week.

The competition season offers very many matches and then you can also add training cups and various Pre Season competitions.

When it comes to  Sheffield Wednesday fixtures and Sheffield Wednesday schedule , it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Championship’s game schedule.

Sheffield Wednesday match today ?

It’s easy to find when the Owls is playing their next match.

The Owls often play league games on Saturdays.

Unfortunately, the Owls don’t usually play against the European elites.

To be absolutely sure we have collected all the matches in one and the same place.

Sheffield Wednesday Champions League and Europe League

The Owls have decent history when it comes to European history.

Wednesday have taken part in UEFA-sanctioned cup competition on four occasions but haven’t won anything.

The club aims to win the promotion to top flight football.

Sheffield Wednesday next game

What match is the next in Championship game program?

There are many fans who want to see the team play because of many reasons.

They have many young stars in the squad while playing a very good style of football.

But next match in the league match at Sheffield Wednesday fixtures, they aren’t favourites to win certainly though.

Sheffield Wednesday lineup

As we mentioned above,  Sheffield Wednesday’s lineup and starting line up is full of young stars.

The team’s latest coach, especially Josh Luhukay, has been working the players in the squad and has spent a lot of time in developing their career.

Looking at  Sheffield Wednesday players and squad, they have many young and talented players and several being English players.

Luhukay likes to play with a lineup with the 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 formations.

Sheffield Wednesday news

Today, they may not be challenging some of the  world’s biggest football clubs, but the news about the The Owls Club is showing up.

If we look at Owls’ payroll, they will undoubtedly pay some of the lowest in Europe.

Sheffield Wednesday Players Salaries bill is higher than other Championship teams- (according to reports). They will have to sell some players eventually to reduce their reported £25 million wage bill.

This is to get around the  FIFA Financial Fair Play restrictions to expenses/ losses compared to profit generated by club.

Sheffield Wednesday latest news

Sheffield Wednesday news is often about game purchases.

It is especially useful for Sheffield Wednesday tickets , shirts and  match kits.

There are also many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or tablets. Click to go to City’s official shop,  Twitter account  and webpage .

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