VfL Wolfsburg Players Salaries 2020 (Weekly Wages)

Wolfsburg Players Salaries 2020 (Weekly Wages)

Wolfsburg Players Salaries 2020? Salaries of players of Wolfsburg? Which Wolfsburg players are the highest paid? Have you ever thought of finding out the list of Wolfsburg player salaries? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Wolfsburg Players Salaries 2020 (Weekly Wages) and the full details about Wolfsburg players contracts.

Wolfsburg Football Club was founded as a professional German Football Club in 1938. It grew out of a multi-sports club for Volkswagen in the city of Wolfsburg. Their nicknames are Die Wölfe (The Wolves) and the club predominantly play in green and white – these are the famous colours of Wolfsburg.

The rivals of Wolfsburg are VfB Stuttgart, Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund. They competed hard against their rivals last season, finishing in the 6th spot of the Bundesliga and claiming a spot in this year’s Europa League. The last couple of years were tough on the Wolves fans, seeing their club finish in the bottom half but since 2020, they have bounced back under Oliver Glasner.

Wolfsburg Information 2020

Their home ground is known as the Volkswagen Arena and have been playing at this stadium since 2002. It is still relatively new, under 20 years old. There is a 30,000 seat capacity and has been named after sponsorship from the automobile company, Volkswagen.

Wolfsburg are one of the top German sides and have a huge wage bill of over £120 million per year. The average VFL Wolfsburg average player salary per-year is €2.5 million per year. The Wolves have added a string of young players this summer – Xaver Schlager, Kevin Mbabu, Joao Victor and Paolo Otavia. They have also cleared out a bit of deadweight in the form of ageing players and unproven prospects – Diamata and Paul Verhaegh.

Wolfsburg Highest-Paid Player 2020

Who is the highest paid Wolfsburg Player? Ignacio Camacho is Wolfsburg’s highest-paid player, earning nearly €100,000 per week. He is followed up by Yunus Malli who is making around €85,000-€90,000 per week playing for the Wolves.

VfL Wolfsburg Players Salaries 2020

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Wolfsburg Player Contracts 2020 – Annual Salaries

1Ignacio Camacho€ 5,000,000DM29Reserve
2Yunus Malli€ 4,485,000AM27Reserve
3Daniel Ginczek€ 4,000,000CF28Reserve
4Maximilian Arnold€ 4,000,000CM25Starter
5John Anthony Brooks€ 3,986,000CB26Starter
6Admir Mehmedi€ 3,500,000SS28Reserve
7Jeffrey Bruma€ 3,000,000CB27Reserve
8Wout Weghorst€ 2,990,000CF27Starter
9Yannick Gerhardt€ 2,990,000CM25Reserve
10Josuha Guilavogui€ 2,491,000DM28Starter
11Felix Klaus€ 2,000,000RW26Starter
12Robin Knoche€ 1,993,000CB27Starter
13William€ 1,976,000RB24Starter
14Josip Brekalo€ 1,800,000LW21Starter
15Jérôme Roussillon€ 1,500,000LB26Starter
16Koen Casteels€ 1,500,000GK27Starter
17Marcel Tisserand€ 1,500,000CB26Reserve
18Renato Steffen€ 1,500,000RW27Reserve
19Pavao Pervan€ 7,80,000GK31Reserve
20Ismail Azzaoui€ 4,42,000RW21Reserve
21Elvis Rexhbecaj€ 1,49,000CM21Reserve
22Phillip Menzel€ 94,000GK21Reserve
23Joao Victor€ 0LW25Reserve
24Kevin Mbabu€ 0RB24Reserve
25Lukas Nmecha€ 0CF20Reserve
26Niklas Klinger€ 0GK23Reserve
27Paulo Otávio€ 0LB24Reserve
28Xaver Schlager€ 0CM21Starter

Wolfsburg Player Salaries Per Week 2020 – Weekly Wages

Josuha Guilavogui salary per week? Robin Noche salary per week? Here are the full list with Wolfsburg Players salaries per week:

1Ignacio Camacho€ 5,000,000€ 96,153.85
2Yunus Malli€ 4,085,000€ 86,250.00
3Daniel Ginczek€ 4,000,000€ 76,923.08
4Maximilian Arnold€ 4,000,000€ 76,923.08
5John Anthony Brooks€ 3,986,000€ 76,653.85
6Admir Mehmedi€ 3,500,000€ 67,307.69
7Jeffrey Bruma€ 3,000,000€ 57,692.31
8Wout Weghorst€ 2,990,000€ 57,500.00
9Yannick Gerhardt€ 2,990,000€ 57,500.00
10Josuha Guilavogui€ 2,491,000€ 47,903.85
11Felix Klaus€ 2,000,000€ 38,461.54
12Robin Knoche€ 1,993,000€ 38,326.92
13William€ 1,976,000€ 38,000.00
14Josip Brekalo€ 1,800,000€ 34,615.38
15Jérôme Roussillon€ 1,500,000€ 28,846.15
16Koen Casteels€ 1,500,000€ 28,846.15
17Marcel Tisserand€ 1,500,000€ 28,846.15
18Renato Steffen€ 1,500,000€ 28,846.15
19Pavao Pervan€ 780,000€ 15,000.00
20Ismail Azzaoui€ 442,000€ 8,500.00
21Elvis Rexhbecaj€ 149,000€ 2,865.38
22Phillip Menzel€ 94,000€ 1,807.69

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