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City will drop points: Townsend

City will drop points: Townsend

Sky Sports pundit Andy Townsend believes Manchester City will drop more points in the title run in despite their boss Pep Guardiola warning his own side that they risk losing the league race if they drop even any more points in their remaining six games.

“He’s given the message that they have to win every game, not expecting Liverpool to drop any points but City will drop points,” he told The Debate. “That period around the Champions League games with Spurs and Manchester United. I honestly would be very surprised if they sailed through all of those games and win them all.”

“They might lose a Champions League tie. I’m not saying they’re going to lose too many but I’ll be surprised with what’s in front of them that they will be able to just roll everybody over. There’s a lot of mileage left with what could happen at the top of the Premier League. It’s so exciting but I don’t think they’ll win every game.”

He added: “At this stage of the season it’s only about making sure you win the games. I think both teams will drop points and it will go to the last game.”

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