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Liverpool have the advantage in title race: Gundogan


Ilkay Gundogan believes City’s pursuit of 4 trophies gives Liverpool the advantage in the title race.

“Maybe it’s going to be an advantage for them (Liverpool), I don’t know,” the Germany midfielder said. “It’s nothing we can change right now. They have to play their games and we have to play ours.

“When you have to run in the season you don’t think about much things; you go out and play. When you have no concerns in your mind, you are able to win a lot of times. That’s how I felt when we were able to win at Dortmund – that title.

“We had an advantage of just playing Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, and the week off in between. He [Klopp] is in a similar situation now with Liverpool – just the Premier League and then the Champions League on top.

“Klopp didn’t win as much as Pep won – that’s why it was quite surprising when he was able to win two titles in a row with Dortmund in Germany. I just joined them for the second one.

“[Klopp and Guardiola] are different in terms of playing style and their characters, but both of them are great people – great human beings that I really like.”

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