Home Football FA Cup quarter-finals dates 2021: when is the FA Cup quarter-finals draw?

FA Cup quarter-finals dates 2021: when is the FA Cup quarter-finals draw?

FA Cup quarter final dates 2020 - when is the FA Cup quarter-finals draw

FA Cup quarter final dates 2020 when is the FA Cup quarter-finals draw

FA Cup quarter final 2021 dates? What are the FA Cup quarter final draw? When are the FA Cup quarter final?

FA Cup quarter-final 2021 dates? When are the FA Cup quarter-finals 2021? Here you can read all about the FA Cup quarter final 2021. Detailed information about the FA Cup quarter-finals 2021 such as dates, draw, TV coverage, how to watch on TV and which channels that are showing the FA Cup 2021 quarter-finals on TV.

The FA Cup started back in the 19th century. In England, it is one of the most well-respected competitions. It has now lost its glamour in the commercial world. However, to the English traditional football fans, the FA Cup remains a trophy of great pride and prestige.

The road to FA Cup 2021 quarter final

It starts in the prelims for teams out of the top two divisions. Here 32 semi-pro teams battle it out to meet 48 teams from division 3 and division 4. Then in the second round, the Championship teams enter and in the third round it is the Premier League teams who come in.

Each round until the fifth round is made by draws. From the quarter final, there are no more draws. Categories are made and it depends on who qualifies in the same category to determine who will play whom in the quarter final.

FA Cup quarter final

Venue and quarter final Replays

The home team for these ties is decided by which team belongs to which pot. Teams from pot 1 get home advantage. As for the replays, unlike till the FA Cup 5th round, there are no more replays. If a match is tied after 90 minutes, it goes into 30 minutes of extra time and then into penalties to decide who will progress.

The defending champions Arsenal are out. City are doing really well and have won it twice in a row earlier. However, Leicester are also in great form and take on United next! Chelsea are also there.

Let us also take a look at the previous 3 years of quarter finals! The FA Cup has had some exciting matches in the quarter finals.

Quarter Finals 2020

Last year was infected by CoVID and it was crazy. Ultiamtely Arsenal won but in the quarter finals, there were many good teams in the competition.

  • Norwich 1-2 Manchester United
  • Sheffield United 1-2 Arsenal
  • Leicester City 0-1 Chelsea
  • Newcastle United 0-2 Man City

Quarter finals 2019

This was last to last year as Manchester City eventually went on to win beating Watford 6-0 in the final. It was relatively easy as there were no tough teams left after the quarters for City to overcome.

  • Watford 2-1 Crystal Palace
  • Swansea City 2-3 Manchester City
  • Wolves 2-1 Manchester United
  • Milwall 2(4) – 2(5) Brighton

FA Cup quarter finals 2018

This was the year before last and Antonio Conte’s last season in charge. He went on to win his maiden knockout trophy competition. Chelsea overcame Manchester United in the final to bag the trophy.

  • Swansea City 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur
  • Manchester United 2-0 Brighton
  • Wigan 0-2 Southampton
  • Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City

Teams that participate in FA Cup 2021

Here is the outlay of how teams get to participate in the FA Cup 2021:

Qualifying Competition

RoundNew entrants at this roundMonthNo. of matches
Extra-Preliminary RoundLevel 9 and 10 clubsAugust184
Preliminary RoundLevel 8 clubs160
First RoundLevel 7 clubsSeptember116
Second RoundLevel 6 clubs80
Third RoundnoneOctober40
Fourth RoundLevel 5 clubs32

Competition Proper

RoundNew entrants at this roundMonthNo. of matches
First RoundLevel 3 and 4 clubsNovember40
Second RoundnoneDecember20
Third RoundLevel 1 and 2 clubsJanuary32
Fourth Roundnone16
Fifth RoundFebruary8
quarter finalMarch4

FA Cup quarter final on TV

How to watch the FA Cup quarter final on TV? FA Cup quarter final TV Coverage? What If you want to watch the FA Cup quarter-finals on TV you have several choices. Here, we have enlisted the broadcasters for the FA Cup who will be showing the quarter final matches on TV in English.

TV coverage in countryFA Cup quarter final broadcaster
New ZealandSky Sport
IrelandBT Sport, Eir Sport
United KingdomBBC Sport, BT Sport
The United States of AmericaESPN
IndiaSony ESPN

Watch the English Football Cup quarter final TV coverage

For every fan watching the game from the United Kingdom, BBC Sport is an extremely reliable broadcaster. They have exclusive rights to the FA Cup draw as well. For fans around the world, following the BBC One channel is the best way to learn about the FA Cup!

FA Cup quarter final dates 2020 when is the FA Cup quarter-finals draw

FA Cup quarter final draw

The FA Cup quarter final will be held in March. This is the last time there will be an FA Cup draw. Read more about the FA Cup draw.

FA Cup Final results

Here is the FA Cup final date:

2021-19-05TBD vs TBDBT Sport

English Football Cup Semi Final results

Here are all FA Cup semi final dates

2021-04-18TBD vs TBDBT Sport
2021-04-19TBD vs TBDBT Sport

English Football Quarter Finals draw

Here are all FA Cup quarter finals dates:

DateMatchResultUK TV
Mar-20AFC Bournemouth vs SouthamptonTBPBT Sport
Mar-20Everton vs Manchester CityTBPBT Sport
Mar-20Leicester City vs Manchester UnitedTBPBT Sport
Mar-20Chelsea vs Sheffield UnitedTBPBT Sport

FA Cup 5th round draws and results

Here are all FA Cup 5th round draws and results:

DateMatchResultUK TV
Feb-09Burnley v Bournemouth0-2BT Sport
Feb-09Man United v West Ham1-0BT Sport
Feb-09Swansea v Man City1-3BT Sport
Feb-10Sheffield v Bristol City1-0BT Sport
Feb-10Leicester v Brighton1-0BT Sport
Feb-11Everton v Spurs5-4BT Sport
Feb-11Wolves v Southampton0-2BT Sport
Feb-12Barnsley v Chelsea0-1BT Sport

FA Cup 4th round results

Here are all FA Cup 4th round results:

DateMatchResultUK TV
Jan-23Chorley v Wolves0-1BT Sport
Jan-23Southampton v Arsenal1-0BT Sport
Jan-24Barnsley v Norwich1-0BT Sport
Jan-24Brighton v Blackpool2-1BT Sport
Jan-24Millwall v Bristol City0-3BT Sport
Jan-24Sheffield v Plymouth2-1BT Sport
Jan-24Swansea v Nottingham5-1BT Sport
Jan-24West Ham v Doncaster4-0BT Sport
Jan-25Cheltenham v Man City1-3BT Sport
Jan-25Chelsea v Luton3-1BBC
Jan-25Fulham v Burnley0-3BT Sport
Jan-25Brentford v Leicester1-3FA Player
Jan-25Man United v Liverpool3-2BBC
Jan-26Everton v Sheffield Wednesday3-0BBC
Jan-26Wycombe v Spurs1-4BBC
Jan-27Bournemouth v Crawley Town2-1BBC

FA Cup quarter final tickets

The tickets for the FA Cup quarter final are not on sale yet since the teams are not decided. Usually, the FA Cup tickets are sold on multiple websites. However, the most reliable source for this will be the official website – the home page for FA Ticketing.

Read more about the English FA Cup


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