Top 10 BPL Players who need a summer move – Part 1

7. Hull – David Meyler

This has nothing to do with his playing ability or the fact that he doesn’t play and it isn’t quite a ‘move’ either. Meyler has rocketed to ‘internet stardom’ after starting up his own YouTube channel, which now has well over 80,000 subscribers and it’s growing at a tremendous rate.

It’s become quite a hit with football fans, as he posts regular FIFA videos showing off his team and doing a ‘Road to Glory’ and now could be the time for him to retire because of it.

His new found fame as a YouTuber means that Meyler could very well just pack in being a footballer now and live the life of a YouTube celebrity. It wouldn’t be a bad career move for the Irishman and it’s something he should perhaps consider in the summer…

Just kidding. I actually couldn’t decide on who should leave Hull, due to the fact that most players in their squad manage to get some gametime due to their current number of injuries. Each member in the squad has a role to play at the club right now, so I couldn’t think of any player who should leave.

As for Meyler’s YouTube channel, it really is quite good.

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