Top 10 most disappointing Premier League players this season-2017/2018

9) Alexandre Lacazette

Most disappointing Premier League players 2018

Alexandre Lacazette has not had a good season so far for Arsenal. The new signing who cost The Gunners around £52.7m has failed to score as much as he did for his old club Lyon in France. The 26-year-old has only scored nine goals in 26 appearances. While players such as Liverpool new signing and winger Mohamed Salah has scored 23 goals so far. In-fact Arsenal even had to reach into their pockets in January to sign another striker in Pierre-Emeric Aubemayang to make up for a lack of goals from Lacazette.

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  1. JustTellingTheTruth

    Feb 28, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Statistically Mane has the same games to goals ratio as last season played 27 scored 13, is that considered a disappointment to be at the same level as last season? Does the writer read statistics to back his arguements. What is true, players around him are scoring more so Liverpool are not reliant on one player like last season.

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