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Top-10 Most Expensive German Players


1. Mesut Ozil – £42.4 million

Mesut-Ozil is one of the Top 10 Most Expensive German Signings

He started the list, and now he is ending the list. Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal‘s record breaking transfer fee and still one of the most shocking transfers to ever happen.

It came in a time where Arsene Wenger just refused to spend money, but back in 2013, the Frenchman stunned the footballing universe by paying Real Madrid £42.4million for Ozil.

A mega-profit was made by Madrid, but a mega-signing was made by Arsenal, even if people do think the German has flopped in the Premier League.

Ozil’s style fits in perfectly at the Emirates Stadium and it was a signal of intent made by The Gunners, who have since gone on to win two trophies with the German at the club.


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