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5 footballers who left despite modelling 2019/2020 jerseys

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It has been almost a week since the 2019 summer transfer window all over Europe closed.

As it has been the case in almost every transfer window, there have been again some last minute deals. However, there had been more rumors than concluded deals.

When a club launches its new kit, people and media always have an eye on the players featured on the launch. Whenever a player that is rumored to switch teams in the transfer window is (not) featured in a launch, this is taken as indicator for the possibility of a transfer. This has been the case with various players this summer, just like any previous ones.

We take a look at the 5 footballers who left despite modelling 2019/2020 jerseys.

1. Nicolas Pepe

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When Pepe posed for photos of the newly launched  Lille jersey, people found that as an indicator that he will stay at the club, fighting off bids from French side Paris Saint-Germain and Premier League club Arsenal.

However, not long after, in August, it was announced that Pepe had joined Arsenal in a club-record fee of  almost €80 million.



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