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Managers with most Champions League titles, wins & winners medals!


List with Managers with most Champions League titles

Managers with most Champions League titles and medals? Which manager has won the most Champions League titles? Who has won the most Champions League medals? Which manager with most Champions League medals? It’s the best trophy you can win in club football and luckily for some football managers, they’ve won it on several occasions.

In today’s SillySeason Top-10 list, we are going to look through some of the most successful Managers in the Champions League history by looking at how many winners medals they obtained throughout their career. We will look at the Managers with most Champions League titles.

Managers with most Champions League titles wins

We will look at the Managers with most Champions League titles and medals. A lot of Managers go throughout their career without winning the Champions League, some Managers are lucky enough to say they’ve won it once, and then there are some Managers that have won it on numerous occasions. It’s always good to know which manager has won the most Champions Leagues.

Which football manager has won the most Champions League titles?

Managers with most Champions League titles? Which stars have the most Champions League Winners medals? Lets take a look at some of the most successful Managers in Champions League history.

Here is our Managers with most Champions League titles list. At the end of the list you will find which manager has won the Champions League the most times.

UEFA Champions League winners – Managers

FinalNationalityWinning managerCountryClub
1956 ESPJosé Villalonga ESPReal Madrid
1957 ESPJosé Villalonga ESPReal Madrid
1958 ARGLuis Carniglia ESPReal Madrid
1959 ARGLuis Carniglia ESPReal Madrid
1960 ESPMiguel Muñoz ESPReal Madrid
1961 HUNBéla Guttmann PORBenfica
1962 HUNBéla Guttmann PORBenfica
1963 ITANereo Rocco ITAMilan
1964 ARGHelenio Herrera ITAInternazionale
1965 ARGHelenio Herrera ITAInternazionale
1966 ESPMiguel Muñoz ESPReal Madrid
1967 SCOJock Stein SCOCeltic
1968 SCOMatt Busby ENGManchester United
1969 ITANereo Rocco ITAMilan
1970 AUTErnst Happel NEDFeyenoord
1971 NEDRinus Michels NEDAjax
1972 ROUȘtefan Kovács NEDAjax
1973 ROUȘtefan Kovács NEDAjax
1974 FRGUdo Lattek FRGBayern Munich
1975 FRGDettmar Cramer FRGBayern Munich
1976 FRGDettmar Cramer FRGBayern Munich
1977 ENGBob Paisley ENGLiverpool
1978 ENGBob Paisley ENGLiverpool
1979 ENGBrian Clough ENGNottingham Forest
1980 ENGBrian Clough ENGNottingham Forest
1981 ENGBob Paisley ENGLiverpool
1982 ENGTony Barton ENGAston Villa
1983 AUTErnst Happel FRGHamburg
1984 ENGJoe Fagan ENGLiverpool
1985 ITAGiovanni Trapattoni ITAJuventus
1986 ROUEmerich Jenei ROUSteaua București
1987 PORArtur Jorge PORPorto
1988 NEDGuus Hiddink NEDPSV Eindhoven
1989 ITAArrigo Sacchi ITAMilan
1990 ITAArrigo Sacchi ITAMilan
1991 YUGLjupko Petrović YUGRed Star Belgrade
1992 NEDJohan Cruyff ESPBarcelona
1993 BELRaymond Goethals FRAMarseille
1994 ITAFabio Capello ITAMilan
1995 NEDLouis van Gaal NEDAjax
1996 ITAMarcello Lippi ITAJuventus
1997 GEROttmar Hitzfeld GERBorussia Dortmund
1998 GERJupp Heynckes ESPReal Madrid
1999 SCOAlex Ferguson ENGManchester United
2000 ESPVicente del Bosque ESPReal Madrid
2001 GEROttmar Hitzfeld GERBayern Munich
2002 ESPVicente del Bosque ESPReal Madrid
2003 ITACarlo Ancelotti ITAMilan
2004 PORJosé Mourinho PORPorto
2005 ESPRafael Benítez ENGLiverpool
2006 NEDFrank Rijkaard ESPBarcelona
2007 ITACarlo Ancelotti ITAMilan
2008 SCOAlex Ferguson ENGManchester United
2009 ESPPep Guardiola ESPBarcelona
2010 PORJosé Mourinho ITAInternazionale
2011 ESPPep Guardiola ESPBarcelona
2012 ITARoberto Di Matteo ENGChelsea
2013 GERJupp Heynckes GERBayern Munich
2014 ITACarlo Ancelotti ESPReal Madrid
2015 ESPLuis Enrique ESPBarcelona
2016 FRAZinedine Zidane ESPReal Madrid
2017 FRAZinedine Zidane ESPReal Madrid
2018 FRAZinedine Zidane ESPReal Madrid

Managers with multiple European Cup and Champions League titles

RankNationManagerWonYears wonClubs
1EnglandBob Paisley31977, 1978, 1981Liverpool
ItalyCarlo Ancelotti32003, 2007, 2014Milan, Real Madrid
FranceZinedine Zidane32016, 2017, 2018Real Madrid
4SpainJosé Villalonga21956, 1957Real Madrid
ArgentinaLuis Carniglia21958, 1959Real Madrid
HungaryBéla Guttmann21961, 1962Benfica
ArgentinaHelenio Herrera21964, 1965Internazionale
SpainMiguel Muñoz21960, 1966Real Madrid
ItalyNereo Rocco21963, 1969Milan
RomaniaȘtefan Kovács21972, 1973Ajax
GermanyDettmar Cramer21975, 1976Bayern Munich
EnglandBrian Clough21979, 1980Nottingham Forest
AustriaErnst Happel21970, 1983Feyenoord, Hamburg
ItalyArrigo Sacchi21989, 1990Milan
West GermanyOttmar Hitzfeld21997, 2001Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich
SpainVicente del Bosque22000, 2002Real Madrid
ScotlandAlex Ferguson21999, 2008Manchester United
PortugalJosé Mourinho22004, 2010Porto, Internazionale
SpainJosep Guardiola22009, 2011Barcelona
GermanyJupp Heynckes21998, 2013Real Madrid, Bayern Munich
Bold = Still active managers

Champions League winners – Managers by nationality

This table lists the total number of titles won by managers of each country.

NationalityNumber of



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