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Best Super Bowl commercials 2021: Commercials average cost per 30 seconds in Superbowl LV

Best Super Bowl commercials 2021: Commercials average cost per 30 seconds in Superbowl LV

Super Bowl commercials 2021

Super Bowl commercials 2021! How much does the Super Bowl commercial cost 2021?

Looking for the best Super Bowl 2021 commercials? As you know ads for Super Bowl can be very expensive. The Super Bowl commercial cost 2021 is the highest ever. Below you will find how much the average cost is for 30 seconds.

Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercial cost 2021

How much does the Super Bowl commercial cost 2021?

Top 10 Best Super Bowl commercials: watch the best Super Bowl commercials ever!

Which are the best Super Bowl commercials ever? Below you have some of the best Super Bowl commercials that you have ever been live on TV.

Super Bowl commercials 2021

Wayne’s World Reunites for “The Big Bowl”

“Still broadcasting from Wayne’s mom’s basement in Aurora, Illinois, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey join forces once again to promote Uber Eats. The teaser, which “for legal reasons” cannot be for the Super Bowl, features many of the duo’s signature catchphrases. Schwing.”

Jason Alexander Gets Stepped on, Spit on, and Sat on for Tide

A beloved sweatshirt featuring the face of Seinfeld star Jason Alexander is, ahem, well loved until it’s washed with Tide.

Hyundai Super Bowl commercial

Here is The Elevator | 2021 Super Bowl Commercial | Hyundai Commercial Compilation:

Super Bowl commercials 2018

Tide Super Bowl commercial

Are you looking for Tide Super Bowl commercial 2018? Here is the 2018 Super Bowl “Tide Ad” Commercial Compilation:

Dolly Parton Works “5 to 9”

Directed by Oscar winner Damien Chazellethis ad for Squarespace encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their passions “5 to 9,” flipping the script on Dolly’s classic hit. Just one more reason Dolly is an actual angel.

Michelob Ultra Wants Us to Be Happy

Michelob Ultra bills A-list athletes for this commercial, including Serena Williams, Anthony Davis, and Peyton Manning in a cowboy hat. There’s even a shot of golfer Brooks Koepka at a pizza party, for all the dads out there.

Peyton and Eli Manning Wear Matching PJ’s for Frito-Lay

Featuring an all-star NFL cast, this Frito-Lay spot, narrated by Marshawn Lynch, tells the story of the “Night Before Super Bowl” — including a re-creation of “the Immaculate Reception” with Terry Bradshaw, and the Manning brothers, in matching sleepwear, getting a scolding from their father. Eli told People they didn’t even need a wardrobe: “It was kind of embarrassing that Peyton and I had matching pajamas, coincidentally.”

Super Bowl commercials

Alexa Super Bowl commercial

Looking for Amazon Super Bowl commercial 2018? Here is the Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon Super Bowl LII commercial:

Dirty dancing Super Bowl commercial

Watch Eli Manning dirty dancing? Here is Touchdown Celebrations to Come | NFL | Super Bowl LII commercial:

Lenny Kravitz Tells Us We’re All Billionaires

For Stella Artois, Lenny Kravitz could almost be addressing the GameStop controversy head-on, saying, “We’re all born with 2.5 billion heartbeats. That makes you a billionaire. So let’s not waste the fortune within us. Invest.” Guess we’re not eating the rich today?

Ford Encourages America to Finish Strong

Ford highlights ongoing efforts to fight the coronavirus, noting that “soon we will be what we were — touching, loving, living.” The surrounding #FinishStrong campaign focuses on donating PPE to underserved communities and designing new products to protect people from the virus.

Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercial cost: average cost per 30 seconds Super Bowl commercials

Here is the average cost per 30 seconds for all Super Bowl commercials: So far, the 2021 price has not been officially revealed although bids have been distributed and won out.

Super BowlDateTV NetworkAvgerage cost per 30 seconds of advertising
LIVFebruary 2, 2020Fox$5,500,000
LIIIFebruary 3, 2019CBS$5,250,000
LIIFebruary 4, 2018NBC$5,200,000
LIFebruary 5, 2017Fox$5,000,000
50February 7, 2016CBS$5,000,000
XLIXFebruary 1, 2015NBC$4,500,000
XLVIIIFebruary 2, 2014Fox$4,000,000
XLVIIFebruary 3, 2013CBS$4,000,000
XLVIFebruary 5, 2012NBC$3,442,752
XLVFebruary 6, 2011Fox$3,100,000
XLIVFebruary 7, 2010CBS$2,954,010
XLIIIFebruary 1, 2009NBC$2,999,960
XLIIFebruary 3, 2008Fox$2,699,963
XLIFebruary 4, 2007CBS$2,385,365
XLFebruary 5, 2006ABC$2,500,000
XXXIXFebruary 6, 2005Fox$2,400,000
XXXVIIIFebruary 1, 2004CBS$2,302,200
XXXVIIJanuary 26, 2003ABC$2,200,000
XXXVIFebruary 3, 2002Fox$2,200,000
XXXVJanuary 28, 2001CBS$2,200,000
XXXIVJanuary 30, 2000ABC$2,100,000
XXXIIIJanuary 31, 1999Fox$1,600,000
XXXIIJanuary 25, 1998NBC$1,291,100
XXXIJanuary 26, 1997Fox$1,200,000
XXXJanuary 28, 1996NBC$1,085,000
XXIXJanuary 29, 1995ABC$1,150,000
XXVIIIJanuary 30, 1994NBC$900,000
XXVIIJanuary 31, 1993NBC$850,000
XXVIJanuary 26, 1992CBS$850,000
XXVJanuary 27, 1991ABC$800,000
XXIVJanuary 28, 1990CBS$700,400
XXIIIJanuary 22, 1989NBC$675,000
XXIIJanuary 31, 1988ABC$645,000
XXIJanuary 25, 1987CBS$600,000
XXJanuary 26, 1986NBC$550,000
XIXJanuary 20, 1985ABC$525,000
XVIIIJanuary 22, 1984CBS$368,200
XVIIJanuary 30, 1983NBC$400,000
XVIJanuary 24, 1982CBS$324,300
XVJanuary 25, 1981NBC$275,000
XIVJanuary 20, 1980CBS$222,000
XIIIJanuary 21, 1979NBC$185,000
XIIJanuary 15, 1978CBS$162,300
XIJanuary 9, 1977NBC$125,000
XJanuary 18, 1976CBS$110,000
IXJanuary 12, 1975NBC$107,000
VIIIJanuary 13, 1974CBS$103,500
VIIJanuary 14, 1973NBC$88,100
VIJanuary 16, 1972CBS$86,100
VJanuary 17, 1971NBC$72,500
IVJanuary 11, 1970CBS$78,200
IIIJanuary 12, 1969NBC$55,000
IIJanuary 14, 1968CBS$54,500
IJanuary 15, 1967CBS$42,500
IJanuary 15, 1967NBC$37,500

Super Bowl commercials

More about Super Bowl commercials and cost

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