Home Money Salary Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023: Weekly Wages 2022/23

Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023: Weekly Wages 2022/23

Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2022

Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023

Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023? How much are the Hamburger SV Players Salaries? What are Hamburger SV players salaries? Have you ever wanted to find out how much Hamburger SV players get paid weekly? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023 (Weekly Wages). Watch & Bet Football Here =>
Hamburger SV Players Salaries per week

SV Hamburger is a German football club based in Hamburg. It was founded on 29 September 1887. HSV’s football team was the only team that had played in the top tier of the German football league system continuously since the founding of the club at the end of World War I.

They were the only team that played in every season of the Bundesliga since its foundation in 1963, until 2018 when the team were relegated for the first time in their history.

HSV has won the German national championship six times, the DFB-Pokal three times and the League Cup twice. They have also won the 1976–77 European Cup Winners’ Cup and the 1982–83 European Cup.

Hamburger SV Information 2023

HSV play their home games at the Volksparkstadion in Bahrenfeld, Hamburg. It has a seating capacity of 57,000.

The club’s colours are blue, white and black but the home kit of the team is white jerseys and red shorts.

The team’s most nickname is “die Rothosen” (the Red Shorts). As it is one of Germany’s oldest clubs, it is also known as der Dinosaurier (the Dinosaur).

HSV have rivalries with Werder Bremen, with whom they contest the Nordderby, and Hamburg-based FC St. Pauli, whom they contest the Hamburg derby.

Highest Paid Hamburger SV Player (Weekly Wage) 2023

Who is the highest paid player at Hamburger SV? Hamburger SV Player Wages? Bundesliga wages? How much do German 2. Bundesliga footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Hamburger SV? Who are the highest-earning players at Hamburger SV?

HSV do not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below- it is likely that players such as Martin Harnik and Kyriakos Papadopoulos are earning the most at Hamburger SV. So here we look at the possible Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023.

Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2023 (Weekly Wage)

Hamburger SV Players Salaries 2020
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Hamburger SV, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information which are often accurate. But for Bundesliga teams, very little is known about players wage bills. So here are the Hamburger SV Players Salaries and contract details 2023.

Hamburger SV Players Salaries and contracts 2023

Player Name Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Age Position Nationality
Robert Glatzel £19,000 £988,000 28 ST Germany
Lászlo Bénes £17,000 £884,000 24 AM C Slovakia
Daniel Heuer Fernandes £13,000 £676,000 29 GK Portugal
Jean-Luc Dompé £13,000 £676,000 26 AM RL France
Tim Leibold £12,000 £624,000 28 D/WB/M L Germany
Sonny Kittel £11,000 £572,000 29 AM RLC Germany
Moritz Heyer £7,900 £410,800 27 D C, DM Germany
Sebastian Schonlau £6,600 £343,200 28 D C, DM Germany
Bakery Jatta £6,500 £338,000 24 AM RL The Gambia
Xavier Amaechi £6,400 £332,800 21 AM RL England
Jonas Meffert £6,100 £317,200 27 DM Germany
Ludovit Reis £4,000 £208,000 22 DM Holland
Miro Muheim £3,900 £202,800 24 D/WB L Switzerland
Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer £3,700 £192,400 20 WB R, AM R, ST Germany
Anssi Suhonen £3,500 £182,000 21 AM C Finland
Mario Vušković £2,900 £150,800 20 D C, DM Croatia
Filip Bilbija £2,300 £119,600 22 AM RLC, F C Germany
Jonas David £2,100 £109,200 22 D C, DM Germany
Matheo Raab £1,900 £98,800 23 GK Germany
Tom Mickel £1,600 £83,200 33 GK Germany
William Mikelbrencis £1,400 £72,800 18 D/WB R France
Eldridge Boadi £920 £47,840 18 DM Germany
Leo Oppermann £900 £46,800 20 GK Germany
Ogechika Heil £800 £41,600 21 AM RLC Germany
Emmanuel Ntsiakoh £780 £40,560 18 D R Germany
Elijah Ceesay £730 £37,960 18 D L Germany
Tom Sanne £580 £30,160 18 AM/F C Germany
Luca Butkovic £570 £29,640 17 M C Germany
Jesse Kilo £540 £28,080 18 ST Finland
Samba Baldé £540 £28,080 17 AM L, ST Germany
Finn Böhmker £490 £25,480 18 GK Germany
Alex da Graca Marques £450 £23,400 17 ST Germany
Emmanuel Appiah £440 £22,880 18 AM R, ST Germany
David Igboanugo £430 £22,360 17 D/WB L Germany
Elijah Krahn £410 £21,320 18 DM Germany
Luis Eising £400 £20,800 17 D/WB R Germany
Milad Nejad Haji Lor £390 £20,280 18 DM Germany
Hannes Hermann £380 £19,760 17 GK Germany
Leonardo García Posadas £350 £18,200 17 D C, DM Germany
Nick Hoffmann £320 £16,640 17 DM Germany
Noah Wallenfuß £320 £16,640 17 ST Germany
Pascal Srougbo £300 £15,600 17 AM RL Germany
Joel Agyekum £60 £3,120 17 D C Germany
Fabio Baldé £60 £3,120 16 AM RLC Portugal
Lucas Uwandu £60 £3,120 16 AM R, ST Nigeria
Lukas Bornschein £60 £3,120 17 D C Germany
David Leal Costa £60 £3,120 16 AM L Germany
Davis Rath £60 £3,120 16 AM C Germany
Reza Hosseini £60 £3,120 15 M C Afghanistan
Jeffrey Adu £60 £3,120 16 D C Germany
Julius Nehl £60 £3,120 17 D LC Germany
Endrik Jaschan £60 £3,120 16 D C Poland
Bilal Yalcinkaya £60 £3,120 16 AM C Germany
Almin Suljevic £60 £3,120 16 D C Montenegro
Jan-Lukas Jasper £60 £3,120 16 GK Germany
Amer Buljubasic £60 £3,120 16 ST Bosnia & Herzegovina
Omar Megeed £60 £3,120 16 AM L, ST Egypt
Tim Mathis Zimmermann £60 £3,120 16 M C Germany
Jamal Nabe £60 £3,120 16 M C Germany
Dayo Richardt £60 £3,120 16 AM R Germany
Simon Heinbockel £60 £3,120 16 GK Germany
Benjamin Lamce £60 £3,120 16 M C Germany
Glory Kiveta-Ndongalasiya £60 £3,120 17 AM L Germany

Hamburger SV stream

Hamburger SV fans are mostly from Hamburg.

There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top level. Hamburger SV live stream online free is something that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Hamburger SV.

Hamburger SV game schedule

Fixtures Hamburger SV? There are 34 2. Bundesliga matches.

Then they also play domestic cup competitions which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Hamburger SV fixtures make it possible to play two or three matches within a week.

When it comes to Hamburger SV fixtures and Hamburger SV schedule, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Bundesliga game schedule. Watch & Bet Football Here =>
Hamburger SV Players Salaries per year

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