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Portsmouth Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages 2023/24

Portsmouth Player Salaries

Portsmouth players salaries 2024 – Highest Portsmouth players salary per week and weekly wages 2023/2024!

Portsmouth Players Salaries 2024? Who are Portsmouth’s highest-earning players? How much do Portsmouth players earn? Have you ever wondered about which players at Portsmouth earn the most? Well if you have, then worry not, because we have prepared a full list of the Portsmouth player salaries 2023/24. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Portsmouth Players Salaries per year

Portsmouth players salaries 2024 – here are the Portsmouth players salary per week and contract details 2023/24!

Portsmouth FC (Portsmouth Football Club) is a team that currently plays in League One, having played in the Premier League for the last time in the 2009-10 season.

The club was founded in the year 1898 from the leftover pieces of the club known as Royal Artillery.

They are also known as The Pompey or simply just Portsmouth.

Pompey kicked off their earlier foundation years in the Southern League.

During the world war their club had many connections with battling armies and unfortunately were in the devastating end of the war. Many people lost their lives and it hurt the Pompey refugees a lot.

Since 1875 the Pompey have played in one stadium for the entire history. For this reason, their fans call their home stadium as ‘The Old Girl’. Since the club was formed the Pompey have been using only one home ground throughout the years as mentioned, Fratton Park Stadium.

Fratton Park Stadium holds a capacity of around 21,000 seats.

Portsmouth team history and information

The club’s home colours are blue for shirts, red for socks and white for shorts. Like many clubs, Pompey have always switched it up when it comes to home and away kits.

The Pompey have won the Premier League title, the top tier of English football on two occasions. They have also won the second, third and fourth divisions. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Pompey are considered to be southern England’s most successful football club outside London in terms of cups, honours, and titles.

Portsmouth fans 2024

Portsmouth fans and rivalries

The Pompey are mostly supported across the Port side of the Hampshire in England.

They’ve had a great reputation for producing star players like Peter Crouch, Lassana Diara, Jermain Defoe, Glen Johnson, and Sol Campbell.

Pompey fans consider their main rivals to be Southampton. Pompey also has a strong rivalry with Plymouth Argyle and the fixture is famously known as the “Dockyard Derby”.. There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top-level.

Portsmouth salary for new players and signings – arrivals 2023/24

Portsmouth have 14 new signings and players coming during 2023/24.

Portsmouth New Signings Age Signed From Club Transfer Fee
Gavin Whyte 27 Cardiff free transfer
Regan Poole 25 Lincoln City free transfer
Will Norris 29 Burnley free transfer
Jack Sparkes 22 Exeter City free transfer
Ben Stevenson 26 Forest Green free transfer
Ryan Schofield 23 Huddersfield free transfer
Conor Shaughnessy 27 Burton Albion free transfer
Christian Saydee 21 Bournemouth ?
Kusini Yengi 24 Western Sydney ?
Anthony Scully 24 Wigan ?
Terry Devlin 19 Glentoran ?
Tino Anjorin 21 Chelsea U21 loan transfer
Alex Robertson 20 Man City U21 loan transfer
Abu Kamara 19 Norwich loan transfer

Portsmouth players leaving – departures 2023/24

14 players are leaving Portsmouth during 2023/24.

Players leaving Portsmouth Age Sold To Club Transfer Fee
Clark Robertson 29 FC Ashdod free transfer
Michael Jacobs 31 Chesterfield FC free transfer
Louis Thompson 28 Stevenage free transfer
Kieron Freeman 31 Oldham Athletic free transfer
Jay Mingi /Defensive Midfield 22 Colchester Utd. free transfer
Reeco Hackett 25 Lincoln City ?
Joshua Oluwayemi 22 Chelmsford loan transfer
Haji Mnoga 21 Aldershot loan transfer
Harry Jewitt-White 19 Havant & Water. loan transfer
Liam Vincent 20 Worthing loan transfer
Toby Steward 18 Gosport Borough loan transfer
Ronan Curtis 27 Without Club
Ryan Tunnicliffe 30 Without Club
Jayden Reid 22 Without Club

Highest paid Portsmouth player per week 2024 – who has the highest weekly wage at Portsmouth 2024?

Who is earning the most at Portsmouth? Who are the highest-paid players at Portsmouth?

Portsmouth players salaries 2024

Portsmouth highest paid player 2023/24 – who is Portsmouth highest paid player?

The highest-paid player at Portsmouth is Faustino Anjorin. He is currently the highest paid player at Portsmouth with a salary of €31,020 per week. Alex Robertson is second highest paid player at Portsmouth with a weekly wage of €6,300.

Portsmouth Highest Paid Player Salary Per Week Yearly Salary
Faustino Anjorin € 31,020 € 16,14,900
Alex Robertson € 6,300 € 3,27,600
Colby Bishop € 6,200 € 3,22,920

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Portsmouth players salaries per week 2024 (full squad contracts)

Pompey do not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below- it is likely that players such as Anton Walkes and Brett Pitman are earning the most at Portsmouth.

What is the average salary in Portsmouth? 

Portsmouth players earn an average £3,269 per-week according to Footy.com.

Pompey, like most other football clubs, does not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information from Premier League teams which are often accurate. But for Championship and League One team, very little is known about players’ wage bills. But here we take a look at the likely Portsmouth Player Salaries.

What we can tell you is that the average player wages in League One are around £2,000 per-week. However, according to reports, the average weekly wage of a Portsmouth player is around £3,269 per-week. So here are the Portsmouth Player Salaries and contract details 2024.

Portsmouth players salaries and contracts 2024

Player Name Weekly Wage Yearly Salary
Faustino Anjorin € 31,020 € 16,14,900
Alex Robertson € 6,300 € 3,27,600
Colby Bishop € 6,200 € 3,22,920
Marlon Pack € 5,620 € 2,91,680
Anthony Scully € 5,160 € 2,68,480
Conor Shaughnessy € 5,040 € 2,62,240
Gavin Whyte € 4,810 € 2,50,480
Joe Rafferty € 4,700 € 2,44,720
Joe Morrell € 4,700 € 2,44,720
Regan Poole € 4,230 € 2,19,760
Ryley Towler € 4,230 € 2,19,760
Sean Raggett € 4,120 € 2,14,480
Ben Stevenson € 4,010 € 2,08,240
Connor Ogilvie € 3,900 € 2,02,800
Will Norris € 3,900 € 2,02,800
Denver Hume € 3,900 € 2,02,800
Christian Saydee € 3,900 € 2,02,800
Zak Swanson € 3,430 € 1,78,800
Kusini Yengi € 3,430 € 1,78,800
Paddy Lane € 3,180 € 1,65,280
Tom Lowery € 2,950 € 1,53,440
Terry Devlin € 2,950 € 1,53,440
Abu Kamara € 2,860 € 1,48,800
Jack Sparkes € 2,390 € 1,24,440
Ryan Schofield € 1,930 € 1,00,760
Josh Dockerill € 690 € 35,800
Liam Vincent € 670 € 34,890
Koby Mottoh € 250 € 12,960
Sam Folarin € 250 € 12,960
Mitch Aston € 250 € 12,960

Portsmouth news and latest news about Portsmouth!

Portsmouth FC titles

The Pompey have a good domestic history in terms of trophies and achievements.

Domestically, Portsmouth has won:

First Division / Premier League titles: 2

Second Division / League One titles: 1

Third Division / Football League One titles: 2

Fourth Division / Football League Two titles: 1

FA Cup: 2

Southern Football League Top Division titles: 1

FA Community Shield: 1

In international club football, Pompey:

The club’s first-time appearance in European football was in the 2008 – 2009 season in the UEFA Cup.

Portsmouth transfer news

Portsmouth players transfer news is not too active for a League One side. The Pompey have signed 7 players and also have loaned in 8 players in the recent transfer windows. Pompey have sold or released about 16 players in the process. The club is doing a lot to improve to have any control over their transfer business game to go further in the English league.

Portsmouth transfer rumours

There is always news and rumours when it comes to The Pompey.

There are usually several pages with  Portsmouth transfer rumours on the internet and in the newspapers and there is nothing to write about if the newspapers usually find news. If it’s not credible news, it’s usually rumoured that they’ve taken from the air and the Internet. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Portsmouth stream

Portsmouth live stream online free is something that is interesting to many.

There are many sites to stream Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Players 2024

Portsmouth game schedule

Fixtures Portsmouth? There are 46 League One games from August to May.

Then they also play the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Therefore, Portsmouth fixtures are very packed and they often to play two or three matches within a week. The competition season offers very many matches and then you can also add training cups and various preseason competitions. When it comes to Portsmouth fixtures and schedules, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in League One’s game schedule.

Portsmouth match today ?

It’s easy to find when the Pompey is playing their next match. Pompey usually play league games on Saturday’s. Unfortunately, the Pompey don’t usually play against the European elites now a days.

Portsmouth Champions League and Europe League

As mentioned above – the club’s first-time appearance in European football was in the 2008 – 2009 season in the UEFA Cup. The Pompey in recent years have struggled with a financial crisis and were forced to sell their best players for fun. They have only featured in the UEFA Europe League only once.

They will need to improve a lot if the club wants to gain promotion.

Portsmouth next game

What match is the next in League One game program? There are many fans who want to see the team play because of many reasons. They have many young stars in the squad capable of playing an attractive style of football.

But next match in the league match at Portsmouth fixtures, they aren’t favourites to win certainly though.

Portsmouth lineup

As we mentioned above, Portsmouth’s lineup and the starting line up are full of young stars. The team’s latest manager, especially Kenny Jackett, and likes to work closely with his team.

Looking at players and squad, they have many young and talented players and exceptionally all of them being British players.

Jackett likes to play with a lineup with the 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 formations.

Portsmouth news

The news around this English club used to be very active in the 2000s when they were selling talented players for fun. Today, they may not be challenging some of the world’s biggest football clubs, but the news about The Pompey Club is getting big and better for a good cause.

If we look at Portsmouth Player Salaries they will undoubtedly be some of the lowest wages in Europe. However, players earn bonuses. This is to get around the FIFA Financial Fair Play.

Portsmouth latest news

Portsmouth news is often about game purchases, but it is also very interesting about other parts.

It is especially useful for Portsmouth ticketsshirts, and match kits. There are also many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or tablets. Click to go to Portsmouth’s official shop , Twitter account  and webpage .

Portsmouth Players Salaries per week

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