Home Money Salary Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages 2023/24

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages 2023/24

Stade de Reims Players Salaries

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024

Want to know what the Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024 are? Who are Reims’ highest-earning players? How much do Stade de Reims players earn? Have you ever wondered about which players at Stade de Reims earn the most? Well if you have, then worry not, because we have prepared a full list of the Stade de Reims players salaries 2024. Watch & Bet Football =>

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024

Reims is a French football club based in Reims.

The club was founded in 1910 as “Société Sportive du Parc Pommery” and currently plays in Ligue 1, having been promoted from Ligue 2 in 2017/18.

Reims have won six Ligue 1 titles, two Coupe de France trophies, and five Trophée des champions titles.

Stade de Reims Information 2024

Reims plays their home matches at the Stade Auguste Delaune. It has a seating capacity of 21,684 fans.

Highest Paid Stade de Reims Player 2024 (Weekly Wage)

Stade de Reims Player Wages? Ligue One wages? How much do French ligue 1 footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Stade de Reims? Who are the highest-earning players at Stade de Reims?

Stade de Reims does not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below- it is likely that players such as Mohamed Daramy is earning the most at Stade de Reims

Stade de Reims players salary 2024 (Weekly Wage)

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024
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Reims, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However many journalists often break wage bill information which is often accurate. But for Ligue One teams, very little is known about players wage bills.

The average salary in French football is quite low compared to other leagues. So here are the Stade de Reims Players Salaries and contract details for 2024. Watch & Bet Football =>

Stade de Reims Players Salaries and contracts 2024

Player Name Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Contract Ends
Mohamed Daramy £24,682 £1,283,479 Jun 30, 2028
Yunis Abdelhamid £19,746 £1,026,783 Jun 30, 2024
Junya Ito £19,746 £1,026,783 Jun 30, 2026
Maxime Busi £17,936 £932,662 Jun 30, 2026
Joseph Okumu £16,455 £855,653 Jun 30, 2028
Keito Nakamura £14,809 £770,087 Jun 30, 2028
Teddy Teuma £13,987 £727,305 Jun 30, 2027
Marshall Munetsi £11,848 £616,070 Jun 30, 2027
Thibault De Smet £11,848 £616,070 Jun 30, 2026
Thomas Foket £11,848 £616,070 Jun 30, 2025
Reda Khadra £11,518 £598,957 Jun 30, 2027
Emmanuel Agbadou £9,873 £513,392 Jun 30, 2027
Yehvann Diouf £9,873 £513,392 Jun 30, 2027
Oumar Diakité £8,227 £427,826 Jun 30, 2028
Ludovic Butelle £5,759 £299,478 Jun 30, 2024
Amir Richardson £5,759 £299,478 Jun 30, 2027
Alexandre Olliero £5,266 £273,809 Jun 30, 2026
Ibrahim Diakité £2,633 £136,904 Jun 30, 2025
Valentin Atangana £1,975 £102,678 Jun 30, 2026
Thérence Koudou £1,975 £102,678 Jun 30, 2026
Adama Bojang £1,975 £102,678 Jun 30, 2028
Mamadou Diakhon Jun 30, 2024
Sergio Akieme Jun 30, 2028
Amadou Koné Jun 30, 2024
Benjamin Stambouli Jun 30, 2024

Stade de Reims stream

Reims are mostly supported across Reims in France.

There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top level. Reims live stream online free is something that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Reims.

Reims game schedule

Fixtures Reims? The Ligue One is determined after playing 38 game weeks.

Then they also play domestic cup competitions and Champions League which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Therefore, Stade de Reims fixtures are packed and it is possible to play two or three matches within a week.

When it comes to Stade de Reims fixtures and Stade de Reims schedule, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Ligue One’s game schedule.

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2024

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