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Silva dismisses Richarlison’s Merseyside switch talk

Silva dismisses Richarlison's Merseyside switch talk

Everton boss Marco Silva has dismissed talks of Richarlison leaving Everton for Liverpool.

“I have to smile, there is nothing more I can do,” said Silva. “For us this speculation is not important to talk about. It is not important to talk about this situation, only smile. Richarlison is our player, all of us are happy with him and he is really happy here and he has many things to keep proving at our club. I am 100 per cent sure he will do that in the next few seasons. He’s a really important player for us. I was 100 per cent he could help us and fit well in our club, and because of that I asked our club to do everything we could to sign him.”

“Of course I’m happy, he is happy. My job is to keep working with him to keep developing him. I don’t have doubts he can keep improving his performance. Our work with him is to get him even more consistent,” Silva told Sky Sports News. “One of the keys for Richarlison, because I know him very well – not just as a football player but as a kid also, is to find the best way for him to react after a not so good performance, after a not so good two or three games. That will be the key for him.”

“When a football player plays 45-50 games per season, it is impossible even for the best players in the world to have that consistency throughout the 50 games. For him it has to be something natural, when he performs well for two months and after that one or two games not so good, for him to react fast and not put that big pressure he always puts on himself to be perfect in football.”

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