Chelsea Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages) (Highest paid)


Chelsea Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages) (Highest paid)

Chelsea Players Wages Per Week 2018/19

List with Chelsea Players Salaries 2018? Chelsea players and their salaries during 2018. Are you are looking for a list of Chelsea players and their weekly salary? Then our list with Chelsea Players Weekly Wages will do it. How much does Chelsea players get paid? Here you can find the full list of Chelsea players weekly salaries 2018.

Chelsea Players Weekly Salary Update 2018

How high are Chelsea Football Club players weekly salaries 2018 compared to other Premier League clubs? Is the Chelsea FC wage bill higher than Arsenal? Yes, the Chelsea wage bill versus Arsenal is higher. The Premier League champions overtook rivals as the team with the highest wage bill in the English Premier League.

After winning the Premier League in 2018 Chelsea’s revenue reportedly increased by a massive 30%. The Chelsea Players Salaries and wage bill also increased by £25 million. Chelsea FC now have the highest wage bill in the Premier League.

Chelsea wage bill 2018

The current Chelsea wage bill 2018 stands at £225 million after a £10 million increment from last season with a few contract extensions from the club which saw some players salaries increase some reduce.

Chelsea Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages)

Chelsea players and their salaries

Chelsea Players Weekly Salary 2018? New players added into the team like Alvaro Morata and Tiemoué Bakayoko in 2018. Players like Michy Batshuayi and N’Golo Kanté were added in 2016. Deadline day signing Danny Drinkwater signed a five-year contract worth £120,000 a week, putting him amongst the top earners at the club.

Here is a full list of new arrivals at Chelsea for the 2017/18 season.

  • Alvaro Morata – £58m (from Marseille)
  • Tiemoué Bakayoko– £40m (from Monaco)
  • Danny Drinkwater – £35m (from Leicester City)
  • Antonio Rüdiger – £31.5m (from Roma)
  • Davide Zappacosta – £25m (from Torino)
  • Willy Caballero – free (from Manchester City)
  • Emerson Palmieri – £20m (from AS Roma)
  • Olivier Giroud   –   £18m (from Arsenal)
  • Ross Barkley   – £15m (from Everton)

Antonio Conte signed a two-year contract extension during the summer and earns around £9.6 million a year.

Chelsea Salaries 2018

Chelsea Players Salaries 2018 & Contracts 2018

Alvaro Morata salary per week? Eden Hazard salary per week? How much does Chelsea players earn a week? Below you can see Chelsea wage bill 2018. Here are all Chelsea players and their salaries per week. See the full details about the Chelsea player wages and contracts during 2017-18.

Player Age Weekly wage Deal Contract until
Thibaut Courtois 25 £120,000   2019-06-30
Willy Caballero 35 £40,000 New signing 2018-06-30
Eduardo 34 £10,000   2018-06-30
Emerson Palmieri 23 £75,000 New signing! 2022-06-30
Olivier Giroud 31 £120,000 New signing! 2019-06-30
Ross Barkley 24 £90,000 New signing! 2023-06-30
Andreas Christensen 21 £35,000   2020-06-30
Gary Cahill 31 £100,000   2019-06-30
David Luiz 30 £120,000   2019-06-30
Antonio Rüdiger 24 £90,000 New signing 2022-06-30
Marcos Alonso  26 £90,000   2021-06-30
César Azpilicueta 27 £100,000   2020-06-30
Davide Zappacosta 25 £45,000 New signing 2021-06-30
Kenedy 21 £25,000   2020-06-30
Victor Moses 26 £75,000   2021-06-30
Abdul Rahman Baba 23 £25,000   2020-06-30
Tiemoué Bakayoko 22 £110,000 New signing 2022-06-30
Danny Drinkwater 26 £120,000 New signing 2022-06-30
Cesc Fàbregas 30 £156,000   2019-06-30
N’Golo Kanté 26 £120,000   2021-06-30
Eden Hazard 26 £200,000   2020-06-30
Willian 29 £120,000   2020-06-30
Pedro 30 £100,000   2019-06-30
Alvaro Morata 24 £100,000 New signing 2022-06-30
Michy Batshuayi 23 £90,000   2021-06-30

The information about the Chelsea FC player salaries, weekly wages and contracts is accurate andbased upon facts collected from Chelsea Players Salary per weekBBC, Guardian, and other sources.

The Highest Paid Chelsea Players Weekly Salaries 2018

Who is the highest paid player at Chelsea? Eden Hazard is the highest paid player at Chelsea FC with a Weekly Salary of £200,000.

Chelsea Players Salaries 2018 (Weekly Wages) (Hazard The Highest Paid Player Chelsea FC)

Chelsea FC Financial Data 2016/17

Turnover of £335m meant a £16m increase on the previous year’s figure of £319m, and after relevant adjustments the club is comfortably within the allowable limits of Financial Fair Play (FFP).

Commercial and broadcast revenue also rose despite the club not participating in the UEFA Champions League, although matchday revenues decreased marginally as a result.

Chelsea has complied with FFP criteria throughout its monitoring periods which began with the 2011/12 season.

Chelsea Financial Details 2016/17 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14 2012/13
Total Revenue  £335m £319m £314.3m £319.8m £255.8m
Commercial revenue  £122m £113m      
Broadcasting revenue £143m £136m      
Matchday revenue £70m £71m      
Wage Bill £225m £217m      
Net debt £1.14bn £1.1bn      
Profit (Loss)   (£23.1m) £18.4m  

With the blues looking to defend their title, please keep on checking for the latest updates on Chelsea’s financial data. Chelsea FC have managed to secure one of the most expensive Kit suppliers deals with Adidas and also one of the biggest shirt sponsorship deal in the Premier League  with Yokohama. This mean that Chelsea FC is well founded and will continue to buy high-class players in the coming years.


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