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Top 10 Best Defenders In Football of All Time


2. Franz Beckenbauer

Top 10 Best Defenders In Football of All Time
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Franz Beckenbauer is a German football manager and former professional footballer who notably played for Bayern Munchen and the New York Cosmos. The 69 year old was nicknamed ”Der Kaiserwhich meant ”The Emperor” because of his elegance style of play, leadership and dominance on the pitch.

The German is regarded as one of the Greatest German Players of All Time and one of the most decorated players in history of football.

Franz Beckenbauer started out as a versatile midfielder before he switched positions and started playing as a defender. He is also twice European Footballer of The Year and has played in 3 World Cups for Germany making 103 appearances for the Germans all together.

He won the FIFA World Cup as a player in 1974 and later won it again as a manager in 1990 making him one of the two men to do so in history.

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