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Premier League Wages Per Team 2023 – Premier League Club Wage Bills 2022/23

Premier League Wages Per Team 2023

Premier League Wages 2023

Premier League Wages Per Team 2023? Highest Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2023? Which team in the Premier League has the biggest wage bill? Have you ever thought of finding out the wage bills of each Premier League team? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Premier League by team 2023. It’s a list with the Premier League club’s Wage Bills 2022/23. Watch & Bet Football Live =>
Premier League Wages Per Team 2022

Chelsea Football club yearly wage bills has been surpassed by Manchester City and Manchester United. Man City is now the team with the biggest wage bill as of 2023.

Premier League payroll by team? Chelsea’s current wage bill stands at £218 million. The bill increased by only £3 million compared to last season’s wage bill. While ManUnited and Man City now have to maintain a higher wage bill of £221 million and £225 million respectively.

Premier League Wages: Club’s Bills 2023

The Premier League has been named as the Richest professional sports league in the world. English Premier League is beating both the Spanish Laliga and the German Bundesliga. It is also by far the most watched league in the world as it have top star players which make it even more marketable.

The Premier League signed a record-breaking tv rights deal worth £10 billion, with the foreign tv rights the total might reach about £8 billion per year. This means each Premier League club which will participate in the 2023-23 season will get around £100 million each and up to £160 million for the Champions. Below is the list of all premier league club’s wage bill.

Premier League Wages: Highest Bill 2022/23

Which team has the highest wage bill in the Premier League? Chelsea Football Club is the club with the highest wage bill in the Premier League. Chelsea’s wage bill increased after the new ownership and following the signing of a number of players and new offered contracts which saw them over-take rivals Manchester United and Manchester City. Watch & Bet Football Live =>

The two Manchester clubs managed to increase their wage bills drastically this season. Manchester United increased their wage bill from £203 million last season to £221 million this season, while Manchester City increased theirs from £194 million to £225 million, this is impressive from the Cityzen’s.

Premier League Payroll by team 2023 (Yearly Wage Bills)

Premier League Club's Wage Bills 2016 (Per Year)

Premier League Wages by team?

Highest Premier League payroll by team? Man City, Man United and Chelsea are in top of  the list with highest payroll by team. Premier League Wages by team? Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2023? The average player salary in the Premier league is £3,090,200 and the average yearly wage bill for all players in the team is £76,950,000.

Here are the Premier League salaries list and the Premier League Wages per team 2023:

Team Average Annual Wage Yearly Wage Bill
Chelsea FC £6,584,500 £210,704,000
Manchester United £7,032,552 £203,944,000
Manchester City £7,756,667 £186,160,000
Liverpool FC £5,486,000 £164,580,000
Arsenal FC £4,799,826 £110,396,000
Tottenham Hotspur FC £4,198,000 £109,148,000
Aston Villa FC £3,985,652 £91,670,000
West Ham United FC £3,840,909 £84,500,000
Newcastle United FC £2,812,483 £81,562,000
Everton FC £3,261,440 £81,536,000
Leicester City FC £2,956,296 £79,820,000
Nottingham Forest FC £2,004,054 £74,150,000
Crystal Palace £2,838,333 £68,120,000
Southampton FC £2,076,533 £62,296,000
Wolverhampton Wanderers £2,112,276 £61,256,000
Fulham FC £2,350,833 £56,420,000
Leeds United FC £2,188,333 £52,520,000
AFC Bournemouth £1,721,778 £46,488,000
Brighton Hove & Albion £1,692,167 £40,612,000
Brentford FC £1,386,667 £33,280,000

Premier League salaries by team

All the above figures were taken from each end of the season 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 from sources like Premierleague.com and the Guardian which publishes the Premier League’s financial details every year. Watch & Bet Football Live =>

You can click on the teams name to get full their salaries details respectively right now we have covered salaries lists on Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester City. Stick around more often and all teams will be updated.
Premier League Wages Per Team 2022

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