Top 10 most Intelligent football players and managers! 2019/20

Top 10 most Intelligent football players and managers! 2019-20

Most Intelligent football Players and Managers – Top 10

Most intelligent football players and managers? Who’s the brightest of them all? In football, most would argue that you don’t have to be very academically smart.

This is true in most areas, you don’t need a degree in physics or math to kick a football around, yes, you must be smart in other ways (even though many players aren’t, but the trend tends to be that, if you’re talented, you’re talented. So here are the Top Ten Most Intelligent football players and managers.

Some players today however, are in fact very intelligent. You never get to see it because of their job, and they never have to use it because they earn millions of pounds every year doing what they’re doing, but these are 10 of the most intelligent footballers around.

Top 10 most intelligent football players and managers 2019/20

10. Fikayo Tomori


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Take Chelsea star Fikayo Tomori, for example, who recently talked about studying for a business management diploma, while on England duty.

“Football won’t go on forever,” he wisely said in a recent press conference. “When I retire or, God forbid, I get an injury, then I have something I’m working towards that can stand me in good stead for the future.”

And he’s not the only one who has thought about a life after football.

9. Juan Mata

Top 10 most Intelligent football players and managers! 2019-20

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Not only is he an all-round nice guy doing tons for charity, he’s also super smart. The Man United wide man studied journalism at Universidad Politecnica e Madrid.

And during his time at Old Trafford, dancing down the wing, he’s managed to complete a sports science and finance degree too. Not many in the game can lay claim to two degrees.

8. Andrey Arshavin

Top 10 most Intelligent football players and managers! 2019-20

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If it wasn’t football, it would’ve been fashion for Arshavin.

The mercurial Russian former playmaker graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. He studied clothing technology, and has put that talent to use by launching his own clothing range in Russia.


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