Best goal-scoring defenders in history!

Best goal-scoring defenders in history!

Best goal-scoring defenders in history

Best goal-scoring defenders ever in history? Who are the best goal-scoring defenders ever? There are plenty of great defenders who score goals. Some of these footballers are also some of the best goal-scoring defenders in the world.

 The best goal-scoring defenders ever in Europe

There are also plenty of great English goal scoring defender, German goal scoring defenders and Spanish goalscoring defenders. These defenders are some of the football greatest goal scoring defenders. So we started to ask our selfs. Who are the best goal scoring defenders in Europe, in England and English Premier League.

Best goal-scoring defenders ever

We could easily have ranked the goal scoring defenders by all-time goals. However that would have not been the samen. Of course, the list is just down to opinion. We recently did a list with the best Premier League centre-backs in history according to Jamie Carragher and a list with the best ever full-backs of all time, so check those list out too.

So who is on the list of the best ever goal-scoring defenders? Here is the best ever goal-scoring defenders!

10) Sami Hyypia

Sami Hyypia is one of the best goal-scoring defenders ever

Sami Hyppia is one of the best goal scoring defenders. Hyypia is another Liverpool legend who was a fantastic defender, partnering with Jamie Carragher for many years. The Fin was a real presence at corners and that’s what helped make him such a great player in a Red shirt.

9) John Terry

John Terry is one of the best goal-scoring defenders in history

John Terry is also a Premier Legue goalscoring defender that is considered to be one of the best centre-backs in England. He has 40 goals during his time at Chelsea, which is very impressive. Terry was a superstar at Stamford Bridge.

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