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Bolton Wanderers Players Salaries 2021: Weekly Wages 2020/2021

Bolton Wanderers Players Salaries 2020 (Weekly Wages)

Bolton Wanderers Players Salaries 2021 (Weekly Wages)

Bolton Wanderers Players Salaries 2021? Salaries of players of Bolton? Which Bolton players are the highest paid? Have you ever thought of finding out the list of Bolton Players Salaries? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Bolton Wanderers Players Salaries 2021 (Weekly Wages) and the full details about Bolton players’ contracts.

Bolton Wanderers is a League One club based in Bolton in the Greater Manchester area.

Bolton Wanderers Player Salary Information 2021

“There’s a certain amount of pain in losing a football match but it should stimulate ambition to make sure we don’t suffer more. We want to promote ambition and that won’t just see us close the gap on teams like Coventry but retain and gain more points,” said Keith Hill, on asked about their status in League 1.

“I don’t think we’re ever going to be at this time prolific goal-scorers, so it’s key that we make fewer defensive mistakes – and that isn’t just down to defenders, it’s about keeping the ball.

A little bit of info about Bolton Wanderers’ current status in English football – they were close to being completely liquidated after the 2018/19 season. There were several outcries from the players and staff about salaries not being paid. BBC reported on the incident back in March 2019.

The Bolton players “feel extremely let down by Anderson”, a statement said. It added: “We were promised our wages and staff wages would be paid by Monday – unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.”

“With no idea of when our wages will be paid our only option is to ask the PFA to take it up with the EFL (English Football League) and start proceedings on our behalf. Hopefully, the issue gets resolved very soon so we can all move forward as a group and put all our focus into winning games of football and staying in the league.”

Ken Anderson had promised about paying all outstanding salaries but did not follow up on the promise. Bolton’s official statement, issued to BBC Radio Manchester in response, said, “We are disappointed that the players have taken this course of action. However, we will continue to have an ongoing dialogue with them. The takeover process is progressing and all parties are working hard to reach a speedy completion. We hope to be able to make a further statement prior to Tuesday evening’s game. Once finalised, all outstanding salaries will be paid as a matter of urgency.”

Since August 2019, Bolton has been overtaken by Football Ventures after an initial takeover process failed. The new owners criticised Ken Anderson for his selfish ways and have taken swift action in helping Bolton take a new route towards success. They appointed Keith Hill as the new manager and allowed him to sign 9 players before the transfer deadline on 2 September 2019.

About Bolton Wanders

Bolton’s nickname is the Trotters. The club’s nickname of “The Trotters” has several claims of origins. They include; one that it is simply a variation on “Wanderers”, or that it is an old local term for a practical joker, or that one of the grounds used in the past at Pikes Lane was next to a piggery, which meant players had to “trot” through the pig pens to retrieve the ball if it went over the fence.

Bolton’s main rivals historically have been with near neighbours Bury although, this has lessened in the recent past as the two sides are very rarely in the same league. Bolton also has a rivalry with Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers, as the two sides are just fifteen miles apart. Recently, Bolton has developed a disliking of Wigan Athletic.

Bolton’s home ground is at the University of Bolton Stadium in Bolton. It can host up to 28,723 fans so it is neither the biggest or the smallest stadium. The Bolton Wanderers‘ home colours are white shirts with navy and red, traditionally worn with navy shorts and white socks.

Bolton Wanderers Players Salaries 2021 – Weekly Wages

It has been difficult to get an estimate of the players’ salaries in this new Bolton Wanders side, given the string of new arrivals that has come in. Let’s take a look at all the Bolton Wanderers players in and out of 2020 and 2021.

Arrivals 2020

Kean Bryan Sheffield United Undisclosed
Ryan Delaney Rochdale Undisclosed
Brandon Fleming Hull City Undisclosed
Anthony Georgiou Tottenham Hotspur U21 Undisclosed
Ethan Hamilton Manchester United U21 Undisclosed
Jacob Mellis Mansfield Town Free


Ben Alnwick Unassigned Players Released

Arrivals 2019

Name & Position Age Signed From Transfer Fee/Status
Josh Emmanuel 22 Ipswich Free transfer
Right-Back League One
Daryl Murphy 36 Nottm Forest Free transfer
Centre-Forward Championship
Ali Crawford 28 Doncaster Free transfer
Left Midfield League One
Joe Bunney 25 Northampton Town Free transfer
Left-Back League Two
Chris O’Grady 33 Oldham Athletic Free transfer
Centre-Forward League Two
James Weir 23 Hull City Free transfer
Left Midfield Championship
Liam Bridcutt 30 Nottm Forest Loan
Defensive Midfield Championship
Thibaud Verlinden 20 Stoke City Loan
Right Winger Championship
Josh Earl 20 Preston NE Loan
Left-Back Championship
Jake Wright 33 Sheffield Utd. Loan
Centre-Back Premier League
Liam Edwards 22 Bolton U23
Centre-Back England
Yoan Zouma 21 Bolton U23
Centre-Back England
Adam Senior 17 Bolton U18
Centre-Back England
D’Neal Richards 17 Bolton U18
Centre-Back England
Matthew Alexander 17 Bolton U18
Goalkeeper England
Harry Brockbank 20 Bolton U23
Centre-Back England
Eddie Brown 18 Bolton U18
Centre-Forward England
Callum King-Harmes 17 Bolton U18
Right Midfield England
De’Marlio Brown-Sterling 17 Bolton U18
Left Winger England
Joe White 17 Bolton U18
Left-Back England
Connor Hall 21 Bolton U23
Centre-Forward England
Dennis Politic 19 Bolton U23
Central Midfield England
Jordan Boon 18 Bolton U18
Centre-Back England
Ronan Darcy 18 Bolton U18
Centre-Forward England
Adam Chicksen 27 Without Club
Sonny Graham 17 Bolton U18
Central Midfield England

Bolton Wanderers New Squad 2021 – Contracts

# Name& Position Date Of Birth (Age) Contract Expires Estimated Value
1 Ben Alnwick Jan 1, 1987 (32) 30.06.2020 350 thousand €
20 Remi Matthews Feb 10, 1994 (25) 350 thousand €
43 Matthew Alexander May 7, 2002 (17)
46 Luke Hutchinson – (-)
5 Jack Hobbs Aug 18, 1988 (31) 30.06.2020 350 thousand €
6 Jake Wright Mar 11, 1986 (33) 05.01.2020 150 thousand €
21 Harry Brockbank Sep 26, 1998 (21) 30.06.2021
26 Liam Edwards Oct 2, 1996 (22) 30.06.2022
30 Yoan Zouma May 6, 1998 (21)
31 Jordan Boon Nov 26, 2000 (18) 30.06.2020
34 Adam Senior Jan 20, 2002 (17) 30.06.2020
41 D’Neal Richards Mar 1, 2002 (17)
32 Josh Earl Oct 24, 1998 (20) 05.01.2020 500 thousand €

Bolton Wanderers New Contracts 2021

3 Joe Bunney Sep 26, 1993 (26) 30.06.2020 150 thousand €
Adam Chicksen Sep 27, 1991 (28) 100 thousand €
38 Joe White Jan 18, 2002 (17)
2 Josh Emmanuel Aug 18, 1997 (22) 30.06.2020 250 thousand €
4 Jason Lowe Sep 2, 1991 (28) 30.06.2020 1,00 mil. €
Defensive Midfield
28 Liam Bridcutt May 8, 1989 (30) 05.01.2020 1,00 mil. €
Defensive Midfield
8 Luke Murphy Oct 21, 1989 (29) 30.06.2020 750 thousand €
Central Midfield
Dennis Politic
Central Midfield
35 Sonny Graham Jun 10, 2002 (17)
Central Midfield
36 Callum King-Harmes Apr 19, 2002 (17)
Right Midfield
11 Ali Crawford Jul 30, 1991 (28) 30.06.2020 700 thousand €
Left Midfield
14 James Weir Aug 4, 1995 (24) 30.06.2020 250 thousand €
Left Midfield
39 De’Marlio Brown-Sterling Sep 12, 2001 (18)
Left Winger
7 Will Buckley Nov 21, 1989 (29) 05.01.2020 1,00 mil. €
Right Winger
17 Thibaud Verlinden Jul 9, 1999 (20) 05.01.2020 250 thousand €
Right Winger
9 Daryl Murphy Mar 15, 1983 (36) 30.06.2020 1,00 mil. €
10 Chris O’Grady Jan 25, 1986 (33) 30.06.2020 350 thousand €
24 Connor Hall Feb 18, 1998 (21) 30.06.2020
27 Ronan Darcy Jun 9, 2001 (18) 30.06.2020
33 Eddie Brown Nov 27, 2000 (18)

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