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Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries 2024: Weekly Wages 2023/24

Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries

Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries 2023/24

Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries 2024? How much are the Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries? What are Eintracht Frankfurt players salaries? Have you ever wanted to find out how much the Eintracht Frankfurt players get paid weekly? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries 2024 (Weekly Wages). Watch & Bet Football =>
Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries per week

Eintracht Frankfurt is a German football club based in Frankfurt, Hesse. They currently play in the Bundesliga, which is the top football division in Germany.

They were founded in 1899 and have won one German championship, five DFB-Pokals and one UEFA Cup.

1.Eintracht Frankfurt salary for new players and signings – arrivals 2023/24

1. Eintracht Frankfurt have four new signings and players coming during 2023/24.

Player Age From Club Transfer Fee
Fares Chaibi 20 Toulouse €10.00m
Willian Pacho 21 Royal Antwerp €9.00m
Hugo Larsson 19 Malmo FF €9.00m
Niels Nkounkou 22 Angers SCO €8.00m
Jean-Matteo Bahoya 18 Saint Etienne €7.50m
Junior Dina Ebimbe 22 Paris SG €6.50m
Ansgar Knauff 21 Borussia Dortmund €5.00m

1.Eintracht Frankfurt players leaving – departures 2023/24

Nine players are leaving Eintracht Frankfurt during 2023/24.

Player Age  To Club Transfer Fee
Randal Kolo Muani 24 PSG €95.00m
Jesper Lindstram 23 Napoli €30.00m
Djibril Ramaj 26 Ajax €10.00m
Christopher Lenz 28 RB Leipzig €5.00m
Ragnar Ache 24 FC K’Lautern €1.00m
Luca Alaraio 31 Internacional €1.00m
Evan Ndicka 23 AS Roma €50,000k
Daichi Kamada 26 Lazio free transfer

Eintracht Frankfurt Information 2024

Their home ground has been the Waldstadion since 1925.  It was renamed Commerzbank-Arena in 2005. It can hold a capacity of 51,500 fans at the stadium.

Eintracht Frankfurt are nicknamed; Die Adler (The Eagles), SGE (Sportgemeinde Eintracht) and Launische Diva (Moody Diva).

Eintracht Frankfurt rivalries

Eintracht played local rival FSV Frankfurt in the 2011/12 season in a league match for the first time in almost 50 years. FSV Frankfurt are not as successful as their neighbours and currently play in the fourth tier of German Football- thus the reason why they don’t play each other much.

Highest Paid Eintracht Frankfurt Player (Weekly Wage) 2024

Who is the highest-paid player at Eintracht Frankfurt? Eintracht Frankfurt Player Wages? Bundesliga wages? How much do German Bundesliga footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Eintracht Frankfurt? Who are the highest-earning players at Eintracht Frankfurt?

Eintracht Frankfurt does not reveal their wages information but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below- Kevin Trapp is likely earning the most at Eintracht Frankfurt. So here we look at the Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries 2024. Now they have signed Mario Gotze from PSV, who is a high-profile player!

Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries 2024 (Weekly Wage)

Eintracht Frankfurt, like most other football clubs, do not release their wage bill. However, many journalists often break wage bill information which are often accurate. But for Bundesliga teams, very little is known about players wage bills.

The average salary in German football is quite low compared to other leagues. The average Bundesliga player wages is around £13,011 per week (wages). So here are the Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries and contract details for 2024. Watch & Bet Football =>

Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries

Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries and contracts 2023/24

Information is not available on every player, so we have made a list for that information was spread throughout the news centres from reliable journalists.

Player Name Weekly Salary Yearly Salary Contract Until
Mario Götze €67,308 €3,500,000 Jun 30, 2026
Kevin Trapp €67,308 €3,500,000 Jun 30, 2026
Hugo Ekitike €57,077 €3,000,000
Ellyes Skhiri €53,846 €2,500,000 Jun 30, 2025
Sebastian Rode €48,077 €2,500,000 Jun 30, 2024
Sasa Kalajdzic €40,769 €2,120,000 Jun 30, 2025
Robin Koch €47,308 €2,460,000 Jun 30, 2024
Donny Van de Beek €34,462 €1,800,000 Jun 30, 2026
Philipp Max €38,269 €1,990,000 Jun 30, 2026
Omar Marmoush €30,154 €1,600,000 Jun 30, 2026
Tuta €28,846 €1,500,000 Jun 30, 2026
Makoto Hasebe €26,923 €1,400,000 Jun 30, 2024
Timothy Chandler
€23,077 €1,200,000 Jun 30, 2025
Willian Pacho €20,000 €1,040,000 Jun 30, 2026
Éric Ebimbe €13,846 €720,000 Jun 30, 2027
Christopher Lenz
€13,846 €720,000 Jun 30, 2024
Ansgar Knauff €10,385 €540,000 Jun 30, 2028
Jérôme Onguéné
€10,385 €540,000 Jun 30, 2027
Aurélio Buta €9,231 €480,000 Jun 30, 2026
Faride Alidou €9,231 €480,000 Jun 30, 2026
Ragnar Ache €6,731 €350,000 Jun 30, 2025
Jens Grahl €6,731 €350,000 Jun 30, 2026
Marcel Wenig €5,769 €300,000 Jun 30, 2025
Paxten Aaronson
€4,615 €240,000 Jun 30, 2027
Diant Ramaj €3,846 €200,000 Jun 30, 2027
Simon Simoni €2,885 €150,000 Jun 30, 2027
Hrvoje Smolcic €2,885 €150,000 Jun 30, 2027
Mehdi Loune €2,308 €120,000 Jun 30, 2025
Harpreet Ghotra €2,308 €120,000 Jun 30, 2024
Nacho Ferri €1,346 €70,000 Jun 30, 2025
Willian Pacho €15,385 €800,000 Jun 30, 2028
Dario Gebuhr €2500 €150,000 Jun 30, 2025
Davis Bautista €3,077 €160,000 Jun 30, 2028
Ellyes Skhiri €0 €0 Jun 30, 2027
Hugo Larsson €0 €0 Jun 30, 2028
Igor Matanovic €0 €0 Jun 30, 2026
Omar Marmoush
€0 €0 Jun 30, 2027
Ali Akman €0 €0 Jun 30, 2025
Total €701,350 €34,470,000

Eintracht Frankfurt stream

Eintracht Frankfurt fans are mostly from Frankfurt, Hesse.

There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top level. Eintracht Frankfurt live stream online free is something that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Eintracht Frankfurt.

Eintracht Frankfurt game schedule

Fixtures Eintracht Frankfurt? There are 34 Bundesliga matches.

Then they also play domestic cup competitions which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season.

Eintracht Frankfurt fixtures make it possible to play two or three matches within a week.

When it comes to Eintracht Frankfurt fixtures and Eintracht Frankfurt schedule, it’s possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Bundesliga game schedule.
Eintracht Frankfurt Players Salaries per year

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