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Stoke City Players Salaries 2023: Weekly Wages 2023/24

Stoke City Player Salaries

Stoke City Players Salaries 2023 – Highest Stoke City players salary per week and weekly wages 2023/2024!

Stoke City Players Salaries 2023? Salaries of players of Stoke City? Which Stoke City players are the highest paid? Have you ever thought of finding out the list of Stoke City player salaries?

Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Stoke City  Players Salaries 2023 (Weekly Wages) and the full details about Stoke City players contracts. Watch & Bet Football =>
Stoke City Players Salaries 2023
Stoke City Football Club is a Premier League club based in the north of England. They have been a consistent Premier League club for a long time, they have never been relegated from the Premier League in their history, since being promoted in 2008. However, they ended their 10 year spell in the Premier League after being relegated after the 2017/18 season.

Stoke City players salary per week 2023 – here are the Stoke City players salary per week and contract details 2023/24!

Stoke City Football Club’s nicknames are The Potters, which is named after the famous pottery industry based in the city of Stoke. There are the second-oldest professional club in the world, founded in 1863.

The rivals of Stoke City are other local midlands sides such as Birmingham City, Aston Villa, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Stoke City pride themselves on saying that they are currently doing better than all of their rivals as all 3 will be in the Championship next season.

The Championship is where Stoke City Football Club plays. Stoke City were a relatively unknown club just a few years ago, but they are building a bigger fanbase and reputation. Their home ground is known as The Britannia Stadium, although it was renamed the Bet365 Stadium recently for sponsorship reasons.

They have been playing at this stadium since 1997, so it is relatively new compared with other stadiums. There is a 27,902 seat capacity, which is relatively small for a Premier League side. Maybe they will look to expand their stadium soon in the future.

Stoke City Players Wages 2021

Stoke City salary for new players and signings – arrivals 2023/24

Stoke City signed a number of players for the upcoming 2023/24 season. They signed Enda Stevens and Daniel Johnson on free transfers.

Players Age Club Fee
Wouter Burger 22 FC Basel €5.00m
Ryan Mmaee 25 Ferencváros €4.00m
Joon-ho Bae 20 Daejeon Hana C. €2.00m
Ben Pearson 28 Bournemouth €1.50m
Nikola Jojic 19 Mladost €1.40m
André Vidigal 24 Marítimo €500k
Enda Stevens 32 Sheff Utd free transfer
Daniel Johnson 30 Preston free transfer
Michael Rose 27 Coventry free transfer
Sead Hakšabanović 24 Celtic loan transfer

Highest paid Stoke City player per week 2023 – who has the highest weekly wage at Stoke City 2023?

Who is the highest paid player at Stoke City? Stoke City highest players salary? Championship highest wages per week? How much do Championship footballers earn? Who is earning the most at Stoke City? Who are the highest-earning players at Stoke City? Watch & Bet Football Live =>

Stoke City highest paid player 2023/24 – who is Stoke City highest paid player?

Stoke City do not reveal their wage bill but judging by transfer market value as highlighted in the table below – it is likely that players such as Dwight Gayle, Ben Wilmot and Lewis Baker are earning the most at Stoke City.

The highest-paid player at Stoke City is the former Newcastle forward, Dwight Gayle. Dwight Gayle is currently the highest paid player at Stoke City with a salary of £20,000 per week. Ben Wilmot is second highest paid player at Stoke City with a weekly wage of £20,000.

Stoke City Highest Paid Player Salary Per Week Yearly Salary
Dwight Gayle £20,000 £1,040,000
Ben Wilmot £20,000 £1,040,000
Lewis Baker £19,500 £1,010,000

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Stoke City players salaries and contracts 2023

How much do Stoke City players earn in salary per week? Stoke City player’s weekly salary? Dwight Gayle weekly wages? How much does Ben Wilmot and Lewis Baker earn per week?

Who is Stoke City’s Highest-Paid players per week? Here are all Stoke City players salary per week (weekly wages) and Stoke City players salaries and contract details.

Here are the current wages of Stoke City Salaries 2023/24 season.

Player Name Weekly Salary Yearly Salary Contract until
Dwight Gayle £20,000 £1,040,000 Jun 30, 2024
Ben Wilmot £20,000 £1,040,000 Jun 30, 2026
Lewis Baker £19,500 £1,010,000 Jun 30, 2025
Josh Laurent £15,000 £780,000 Jun 30, 2025
Tyrese Campbell £12,500 £650,000 Jun 30, 2024
D’Margio Wright-Phillips £8,500 £440,000 Jun 30, 2024
Ben Pearson £8,000 £416,000 Jun 30, 2027
Frank Fielding £4,800 £250,000 Jun 30, 2024
Jordan Thompson £4,200 £220,000 Jun 30, 2024
Jack Bonham £3,500 £182,000 Jun 30, 2024
Liam McCarron £2,700 £140,000 Jun 30, 2025
Blondy Nna Noukeu £2,500 £130,000 Jun 30, 2024
Ryan Mmaee £0 £0 Jun 30, 2026
Sead Hakšabanović £0 £0 May 31, 2024
Wesley £0 £0 Jun 30, 2024
André Vidigal £0 £0 Jun 30, 2026
Wouter Burger £0 £0 Jun 30, 2027
Daniel Johnson £0 £0 Jun 30, 2025
Enda Stevens £0 £0 Jun 30, 2024
Joon-ho Bae £0 £0 Jun 30, 2027
Junior Tchamadeu £0 £0 Jun 30, 2027
Ki-Jana Hoever £0 £0 May 31, 2024
Luke McNally £0 £0 May 31, 2024
Lynden Gooch £0 £0 Jun 30, 2025
Mark Travers £0 £0 May 31, 2024
Mehdi Léris £0 £0 Jun 30, 2026
Michael Rose £0 £0 Jun 30, 2025
Nikola Jojic £0 £0 Jun 30, 2027

As you can see, the Stoke City players wages are fairly average for a Premier League team with a couple of big earners. They will look to bring in better players this summer, perhaps on higher wages, as they look to continually sustain their PL status. Watch & Bet Football =>

Stoke City Players Salaries 2023

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What league do Stoke City’s play in?

Stoke City play in the Championship, the second division of professional football in England.

What is Stoke City yearly wage bill?

Stoke City’s yearly wage bill is worth an estimated £17,029,48.

How much does Lewis Baker earn?

Baker earns £19,500-per-week.

Who owns Stoke City?

Peter Coates is the owner of Stoke City.

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