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How To Watch Champions League Final 2020: TV Coverage & TV Schedule!


Champions League Final TV: How to watch the Champions League final 2020 in the UK & US?

How to watch Champions League final 2020? Do you want to watch Champions League final? Of course, you do! So, where to watch Champions League final? Where can I watch the Champions League final is a common question we get? Here we will explain how to watch Champions League final on TV in the UK, USA, Europe and Rest of the World.

The Champions League final is one of the most-watched events on the planet. It is considered the ultimate stage all European clubs aspire to reach, to prove themselves against the very best and come out winners. Of course, the grand night turns into a proper festival whichever venue ends up hosting it. We get to see a pre-game show, parade and the works, almost nearly as much as in the World Cup final.

The pomp and glamour might have died down a bit this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but fans are still eagerly waiting for the competition to return. Even with the readjusted knockout schedules of one-off games, we will able to watch Europe’s best teams duke it out for the ultimate prize once again. All the information regarding how to watch the 2020 Champions League final has been provided here. Watch & Bet Sports here =>

Champions League final 2020 TV rights? Champions League final 2020 broadcasters

Who will broadcast the Champions League final 2020? Champions League final 2020 broadcasters? Champions League final 2020 TV rights? Those who broadcast the Champions League final 2020 have been ready quite a while and can’t wait for the tournament to start!

A short answer to the question “What channels do the Champions League final 2020 broadcast on?” Here you will see all the Champions League final 2020 broadcasters and who will broadcast the Champions League final 2020. Watch & Bet Sports here =>

How To Watch Champions League Final 2020 TV Coverage & TV Schedule!

Champions League Final On TV: UK & US TV Coverage!

Who shows the Champions League on TV 2020? There are several channels which will show the Champions League Final. In UK, the channel responsible for Broadcasting the Champions League matches is BT Sport, for USA, it is Univision, for India it is Sony Pictures. There are several channels which broadcast the Champions League Final all around the world.

How to watch Champions League final in the UK?

Watch Champions League final in UK
TV coverage and broadcaster
United Kingdom (UK) BT Sport

How to watch Champions League final in USA?

Watch Champions League final in the USA
TV coverage and broadcaster
United States (US, USA) Univision

How to watch Champions League final in Australia and rest of the World?


TV Coverage & Broadcaster

Afghanistan  Sony
Algeria  beIN Sports
Angola  Canal+, SuperSport
Anguilla  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Antigua & Barbuda  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Argentina  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Aruba  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Ascension Island  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Australia  Optus Sport
Austral Islands  RMC Sport
Bahamas  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Bahrain  beIN Sports
Bangladesh  Sony
Barbados  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Belize  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Benin  Canal+, SuperSport
Bermuda  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Bhutan  Sony
Bolivia  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Bonaire  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Botswana  Canal+, SuperSport
Brazil  Turner, Facebook
British Virgin Islands  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Brunei  Goal.com
Burkina Faso  Canal+, SuperSport
Burundi  Canal+, SuperSport
Cambodia  Goal.com
Cameroon  Canal+, SuperSport
Canada  DAZN
Cape Verde  Canal+, SuperSport
Cayman Islands  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Central African Republic  Canal+, SuperSport
Chad  beIN Sports, Canal+, SuperSport
Chile  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
China  PPTV
Colombia  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Comoros  Canal+, SuperSport
Congo  Canal+, SuperSport
Costa Rica  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Cuba  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Curacao  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Democratic Republic of Congo  Canal+, SuperSport
Djibouti  beIN Sports, Canal+, SuperSport
Dominica  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Dominican Republic  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Ecuador  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Egypt  beIN Sports
El Salvador  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Eritrea  Canal+, SuperSport
Ethiopia  Canal+, SuperSport
Falkland Islands  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Fiji  FBC TV
French Guiana  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport
French Polynesia  RMC Sport
French Southern and Antarctic Lands  RMC Sport
Futuna  RMC Sport
Gabon  Canal+, SuperSport
Gambia  Canal+, SuperSport
Ghana  Canal+, SuperSport
Grenada  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Guadeloupe  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport
Guatemala  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Guinea-Conakry  Canal+, SuperSport
Guinea Equator  Canal+, SuperSport
Guinea-Bissau  Canal+, SuperSport
Guyana  SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Haiti  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Canal+
Honduras  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Hong Kong  beIN Sports
India  Sony Six
Indonesia  Total Sports Blast
Iran  beIN Sports
Iraq  beIN Sports
Ivory Coast  Canal+, SuperSport
Jamaica  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Japan  DAZN
Jordan  beIN Sports
Kenya  Canal+, SuperSport
Kuwait  beIN Sports
Kyrgyzstan  Saran
Laos  Goal.com
La Réunion  RMC Sport
Lebanon  beIN Sports
Lesotho  SuperSport
Liberia  Canal+, SuperSport
Libya  beIN Sports
Macau  TDM Desporto
Madagascar  Canal+, SuperSport
Malawi  Canal+, SuperSport
Malaysia  Goal.com
Maldives  Sony
Mali  Canal+, SuperSport
Martinique  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport
Mauritania  beIN Sports, Canal+, SuperSport
Mauritius  RMC Sport, Canal+, SuperSport
Mayotte  RMC Sport
Mexico  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Morocco  beIN Sports
Mongolia  SPS HD, Look TV
Montserrat  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Mozambique  Canal+, SuperSport
Myanmar  Skynet
Namibia  Canal+, SuperSport
Nepal  Sony
Nevis  Flow Sports , SportsMax
New Caledonia  RMC Sport
New Zealand  Sky NZ
Nicaragua  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Niger  Canal+, SuperSport
Nigeria  Canal+, SuperSport
Oman  beIN Sports
Pakistan  Sony
Palestine  beIN Sports
Panama  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Paraguay  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Peru  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Philippines  Goal.com
Qatar  beIN Sports
Rwanda  Canal+, SuperSport
Saba  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
Sao Tome & Principe  Canal+, SuperSport
Saudi Arabia  beIN Sports
Senegal  Canal+, SuperSport
Seychelles  Canal+, SuperSport
Sierra Leone  Canal+, SuperSport
Singapore  Goal.com
Somalia  beIN Sports, Canal+, SuperSport
South Africa  SuperSport
South Korea  SPO TV
Sri Lanka  Sony
St Barts  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport
St Christopher  Flow Sports , SportsMax
St Eustatius  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
St Helena & Ascension  Canal+, SuperSport
St Kitts  Flow Sports , SportsMax
St Lucia  Flow Sports , SportsMax
St Martin  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport, Ziggo Sport, Veronica
St Pierre & Miquelon  Flow Sports , SportsMax, Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook, RMC Sport
St Vincent & the Grenadines  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Sudan  beIN Sports
Suriname  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Swaziland  SuperSport
Syria  beIN Sports
Taiwan  Goal.com
Tajikistan  Saran
Tanzania  Canal+, SuperSport
Thailand  Goal.com
Togo  Canal+, SuperSport
Tortola  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Trinidad & Tobago  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Tunisia  beIN Sports
Turkmenistan  Saran
Turks & Caicos Islands  Flow Sports , SportsMax
Uganda  Canal+, SuperSport
United Arab Emirates  beIN Sports
United States  Univision, TNT, B/R Live
Uruguay  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Uzbekistan  Saran
Venezuela  Fox Sports, ESPN, Facebook
Vietnam  K+
Wallis  RMC Sport
Yemen  beIN Sports
Zambia  Canal+, SuperSport
Zanzibar  Canal+, SuperSport
Zimbabwe  Canal+, SuperSport

Champions League Final How To Watch On TV Free

In some countries, you can watch the Champions League for free on TV. Depending on what country you live in you might have to pay to be able to watch the final. There are some restrictions in some countries that might mean that you have to pay to watch for games.

In the majority of the countries in the world its not free. According to UEFA rules, the games don’t need to be on FTV (Free-to-view). The Champions League final 2020 TV rights are not cheap and its often various broadcasters that buy the rights in the same country.

How To Watch Champions League Final 2020 TV Coverage & TV Schedule!

Watch Champions League Final: How to watch Champions League final?

There are many ways to watch the Champions League final 2020 on TV. Since there are many ways to receive the channels there are many options for you as a fan to choose how and in what way you want to match the games from CL 2020.

The most common way to get the channels is via Cable. This means you need cable tv or an antenna to be able to receive the programmes. There is also some ways to receive TV channels via internet providers. Not every provider has the right channels so make sure you can watch the Champions League some time before to be sure that the particular provider will broadcast the final.

Just to make sure you don’t miss anything. Will Liverpool win the Champions League again in 2020? Well, that is no longer possible after losing to Atletico Madrid 4-2 on aggregate, 2-3 at Anfield. Atletico in turn lost to RB Leipzig by 2-1 who then lost 3-0 to PSG. On the other hand, Bayern have thrashed Chelsea, Barcelona and Lyon to make it to the finals. So these two will face off now. If you are looking for info about where is the Champions League final 2020 and What time is the Champions League final you find everything on our website.

Also, read more about the Champions League:


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