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10 pre-game rituals of footballers

10 pre-game rituals of footballers

Everyone of us would love a bit of luck watching our back won’t we? Be it our exams or job interviews or important meetings, each one of us has a superstition that we believe brings good luck to us in times when we need it the most.

Footballers, too, tend to have pre-game rituals they like to carry out before entering a game. The said ritual might be for different reasons, but it does give them a surge of hope knowing destiny could be on their side.

On that note, let’s have a look at 10 pre-game rituals that footballers love to follow.

10. Cesc Fabregas
10 pre-game rituals of footballers
Cesc Fabregas is known as one of the master orchestrators of his generations. His sublime passing skills have awed people for over a decade.

However, few are aware that he always kisses a ring given by his wife 4 times before he enters a game. He believes it brings him good luck and makes him plag well.

“I’m not superstitious at all but there is one thing that I started doing four years ago – it went well and I didn’t stop doing it.”

“I kiss this ring that my wife gave me four times – my lucky number – and then I leave it in my locker and I go out.”

He also does it 4 times because he believes 4 is his lucky number and also one that he has worn as a kit number throughout his career.

9. Wayne Rooney
10 pre-game rituals of footballers
Wayne Rooney has set the MLS alight, showcasing his class by scoring goals with grace and in aplomb. Well, all those scorchers and screamers are just a result of a bowl of cereals he eats before a game.

Footballers usually have a meal of chicken or steak before a game but Wazza begs to differ.

“I tend to just have cereal before a game, probably a bowl of Coco Pops. The normal ones, not the Moons and Stars,” he once confirmed.


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