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Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time

Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time! Italy Golden Boot Winners – All Time? Who are the Italian Serie A Golden Boot Winners – All Time? Who won the Italy Serie A golden boot last season? Watch & Bet on Football live =>

Have you ever wanted to find out on which players have won the italian Serie A Golden Boot before? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared an all time Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners list.

Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners - All TimeSerie A Golden Boot (Capocannoniere) History

What is the Serie A Golden Boot? Serie A Golden Boot is known as Capocannoniere, the award given to the highest goalscorer in Serie A.

The title is currently held by Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 29 goals in the 2020-21 season at the age of 36.

Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time

Serie A Player With Most Golden Boots

Which Serie A player has most golden boots in the history of the league? Gunnar Nordahl of AC Milan is the player with most golden boots in the Serie A with a record of five successive top goalscorer awards.

Gunnar Nordahl has won the title of pluricapocannoniere, with five successes in 1949–50, 1950–51, 1952–53, 1953–54 and 1954–55.

This is more than any other player in the history of Italian top tier championship.

Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time

Italian Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

Past Serie A Golden Boot Winners? We took the time to look at all the past winners of the Serie A golden boot since it’s inception in 1924. Here is the list of the past winners of the Serie A Golden Boot.

Serie A golden boot since 1980-2021

Serie A golden boot winners? Here are all Serie A golden boot since 1980-2021:

SeasonTop scorerTeamGoals
2020/2021Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time 7Cristiano RonaldoJuventusJuventus29
2019/2020ItalyCiro ImmobileLazio RomaLazio36
2018/2019ItalyFabio QuagliarellaSampdoriaSampdoria26
2017/2018ArgentinaMauro IcardiInterInter29
 ItalyCiro ImmobileLazio RomaLazio29
2016/2017Serie A Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time 8Edin DžekoAS RomaAS Roma29
2015/2016ArgentinaGonzalo HiguaínSSC NapoliSSC Napoli36
2014/2015ArgentinaMauro IcardiInterInter22
 ItalyLuca ToniHellas VeronaHellas Verona22
2013/2014ItalyCiro ImmobileTorino FCTorino FC22
2012/2013UruguayEdinson CavaniSSC NapoliSSC Napoli29
2011/2012SwedenZlatan IbrahimovicAC MilanAC Milan28
2010/2011ItalyAntonio Di NataleUdinese CalcioUdinese Calcio28
2009/2010ItalyAntonio Di NataleUdinese CalcioUdinese Calcio29
2008/2009SwedenZlatan IbrahimovicInterInter25
2007/2008ItalyAlessandro Del PieroJuventusJuventus21
2006/2007ItalyFrancesco TottiAS RomaAS Roma26
2005/2006ItalyLuca ToniACF FiorentinaACF Fiorentina31
2004/2005ItalyCristiano LucarelliAS LivornoAS Livorno24
2003/2004UkraineAndriy ShevchenkoAC MilanAC Milan24
2002/2003ItalyChristian VieriInterInter24
2001/2002FranceDavid TrezeguetJuventusJuventus24
 ItalyDario HubnerPiacenza CalcioPiacenza Calcio24
2000/2001ArgentinaHernán CrespoLazio RomaLazio Roma26
1999/2000UkraineAndriy ShevchenkoAC MilanAC Milan24
1998/1999BrazilAmorosoUdinese CalcioUdinese Calcio22
1997/1998GermanyOliver BierhoffUdinese CalcioUdinese Calcio27
1996/1997ItalyFilippo InzaghiAtalantaAtalanta24
1995/1996ItalyIgor ProttiFC Bari 1908FC Bari 190824
 ItalyGiuseppe SignoriLazio RomaLazio Roma24
1994/1995ArgentinaGabriel BatistutaACF FiorentinaACF Fiorentina26
1993/1994ItalyGiuseppe SignoriLazio RomaLazio Roma23
1992/1993ItalyGiuseppe SignoriLazio RomaLazio Roma26
1991/1992NetherlandsMarco van BastenAC MilanAC Milan25
1990/1991ItalyGianluca VialliSampdoriaSampdoria17
1989/1990NetherlandsMarco van BastenAC MilanAC Milan19
1988/1989ItalyAldo SerenaInterInter22
1987/1988ArgentinaDiego MaradonaSSC NapoliSSC Napoli15
1986/1987ItalyPietro VirdisAC MilanAC Milan17
1985/1986ItalyRoberto PruzzoAS RomaAS Roma19
1984/1985FranceMichel PlatiniJuventusJuventus18
1983/1984FranceMichel PlatiniJuventusJuventus20
1982/1983FranceMichel PlatiniJuventusJuventus16
1981/1982ItalyRoberto PruzzoAS RomaAS Roma15
1980/1981ItalyRoberto PruzzoAS RomaAS Roma18
1979/1980ItalyRoberto BettegaJuventusJuventus16

Italian Serie A golden boot since 1964-1989

Here are all Serie A golden boot winners from 1924-1979. Enjoy!

1978/1979ItalyBruno GiordanoLazio RomaLazio Roma19
1977/1978ItalyPaolo RossiVicenza CalcioVicenza Calcio24
1976/1977ItalyFrancesco GrazianiTorino FCTorino FC21
1975/1976ItalyPaolino PuliciTorino FCTorino FC21
1974/1975ItalyPaolino PuliciTorino FCTorino FC18
1973/1974ItalyGiorgio ChinagliaLazio RomaLazio Roma24
1972/1973ItalyPaolino PuliciTorino FCTorino FC17
 ItalyGiuseppe SavoldiBologna FCBologna FC17
 ItalyGianni RiveraAC MilanAC Milan17
1971/1972ItalyRoberto BoninsegnaInterInter22
1970/1971ItalyRoberto BoninsegnaInterInter24
1969/1970ItalyLuigi RivaCagliari CalcioCagliari Calcio21
1968/1969ItalyLuigi RivaCagliari CalcioCagliari Calcio20
1967/1968ItalyPierino PratiAC MilanAC Milan15
1966/1967ItalyLuigi RivaCagliari CalcioCagliari Calcio18
1965/1966BrazilVinicioVicenza CalcioVicenza Calcio25
1964/1965ItalySandro MazzolaInterInter17
 ItalyAlberto OrlandoACF FiorentinaACF Fiorentina17
1963/1964DenmarkHarald NielsenBologna FCBologna FC21
1962/1963ArgentinaPedro Waldemar ManfrediniAS RomaAS Roma19
 DenmarkHarald NielsenBologna FCBologna FC19
1961/1962ItalyAurelio MilaniACF FiorentinaACF Fiorentina22
 BrazilAltafiniAC MilanAC Milan22
1960/1961ItalySergio BrighentiSampdoriaSampdoria27
1959/1960ArgentinaOmar SivoriJuventusJuventus27
1958/1959ArgentinaAntonio AngelilloInterInter33
1957/1958WalesJohn CharlesJuventusJuventus28
1956/1957BrazilDa CostaAS RomaAS Roma22
1955/1956ItalyGino PivatelliBologna FCBologna FC29
1954/1955SwedenGunnar NordahlAC MilanAC Milan27
1953/1954SwedenGunnar NordahlAC MilanAC Milan23
1952/1953SwedenGunnar NordahlAC MilanAC Milan26
1951/1952DenmarkJohn HansenJuventusJuventus30
1950/1951SwedenGunnar NordahlAC MilanAC Milan34
1949/1950SwedenGunnar NordahlAC MilanAC Milan35
1948/1949FranceStefano NyersInterInter26
1947/1948ItalyGiampiero BonipertiJuventusJuventus27
1942/1943ItalySilvio PiolaLazio RomaLazio Roma21
1941/1942ItalyAldo BoffiAC MilanAC Milan22
1940/1941UruguayHéctor PuricelliBologna FCBologna FC22
1939/1940ItalyAldo BoffiAC MilanAC Milan24
1938/1939UruguayHéctor PuricelliBologna FCBologna FC19
 ItalyAldo BoffiAC MilanAC Milan19
1937/1938ItalyGiuseppe MeazzaInterInter20
1936/1937ItalySilvio PiolaLazio RomaLazio Roma21
1935/1936ItalyGiuseppe MeazzaInterInter25
1934/1935ArgentinaEnrico GuaitaAS RomaAS Roma28
1933/1934ItalyFelice BorelJuventusJuventus32
1932/1933ItalyFelice BorelJuventusJuventus29
1931/1932UruguayPedro PetroneACF FiorentinaACF Fiorentina25
 ItalyAngelo SchiavioBologna FCBologna FC25
1930/1931ItalyRodolfo VolkAS RomaAS Roma29
1929/1930ItalyGiuseppe MeazzaInterInter31
1928/1929ItalyGino RossettiTorino FCTorino FC36
1927/1928ArgentinaJulio LibonattiTorino FCTorino FC35
1926/1927AustriaAnton PowolnyInterInter22
1925/1926HungaryFerenc HirzerJuventusJuventus35
1924/1925ItalyMario MagnozziAS LivornoAS Livorno19
1923/1924AustriaHeinrich SchönfeldTorino FCTorino FC22

Most Goals in Serie A in one season

Most goals scored by a player in Serie A in one season? Who has scored the most goals in Serie A in one season? The highest number of goals scored to win the Golden Boot is 36, by Gino Rossetti for Torino in 1928–29, Gonzalo Higuaín for Napoli in 2015–16, and Ciro Immobile for Lazio in 2020-21.



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