Top 10 Worst Liverpool Players Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Liverpool Players Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Liverpool players of all time

Who are the Top 10 Worst Liverpool Players of all time? You probably have thousands of signings and names in your head right now as the club down in recent years have made a lot of horrible signings. Liverpool were once a very strong club, stronger than they are right now. Liverpool have the most European Titles than any other English club. They have Eleven League Titles and from these facts you can tell as too why many of the Liverpool fans are of old age.

Liverpool during the 1970’s and 1980’s were very dominant but like all good things have to come to an end, since 1990 Liverpool have struggled to replicate the olden day Liverpool club which won many trophies. In fact Liverpool have not managed to win the Premier League ever since its introduction in 1992.

Many may be wondering as to why the club has been doing poorly in the past two decades. But it goes without doubt that the main reason is the poor signings the club managers and board members ave made. In this list of Top 10 Worst Liverpool Players of all time, we have clearly listed the players who failed to impress after being signed by Liverpool.

Top 10 Worst Liverpool Players Of All Time

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Here are the Top 10 Worst Liverpool Player signings of all time:

10. Sean Dundee

Sean Dundee is one of the Top 10 Worst Liverpool Players Of All Time

Kick starting the list of the worst Liverpool Players of all time is Sean Dundee who played for the Kop 1998-199 playing for one of the biggest clubs for only a single year. The South African born footballer had a decent goal scoring spell in Germany which allowed him to get a German passport but was never called up by the national team. In 1998 Sean Dundee joined Premier League side Liverpool which was a dream move by the South African but the player only ended after zero goals in five appearances for the Merseyside reds.

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