France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results (H2H stats)

France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results

France vs Belgium Head To Head record and results? The neighboring countries France and Belgium are two of the oldest rivals in International football. France and Belgium have met 73 times in the past, with Belgium dominating the head-to-head since their first meeting back in 1904. Get 50/1 France or 60/1 Belgium to win here =>

We now look at the France vs Belgium Head To Head stats and results between France and Belgium. The France vs Belgium Head To Head and results since the year 1904 can indicate which of the teams has had the upper hand since they first met. They have had plenty of famous meetings including at the UEFA European Champions qualifiers and FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

France vs Belgium H2H Record & Results (Head-to-Head stats)

Here are the France v Belgium betting odds: 

France vs Belgium betting odds 1X2France (1)Draw (X)Belgium (2)
France Belgium (1X2):2,503,203,10
Enhanced odds betfair (1 & 2):50,0060,00
France Belgium (1X, 12, 2X)1,381,381,56
Odds France to win World Cup:3,5020,00
Odds Belgium to win World Cup:7,5020,00
France Belgium betting odds goalsYESNO
Both Teams To Score (BTTS):1,901,88
Total Goals Over/Under 2,5 goals:O 2,5 goals U 2,5 goals

France vs Belgium Head To Head: record and results 2018

Ahead of Friday’s clash between France and Belgium, we look at the matches the two teams have recently played. Both teams won their World Cup qualifying groups with ease, Belgium winning the CONMEBOL group by 10 points, with France winning their UEFA group unbeaten having drawn twice and won their other 8 matches. This friendly match will serve as a chance for both teams to experiment ahead of the World Cup next summer.

France v Belgium Head To Head

France Results 2017/18

Here is a list of games France have played recently:

06 Jul 2018France v UruguayW2-0FIFA World Cup
30 Jun 2018France v ArgentinaW4-3FIFA World Cup
26 Jun 2018Denmark v FranceD0-0FIFA World Cup
21 Jun 2018France v PeruW1-0FIFA World Cup
16 Jun 2018France v AustraliaW2-1FIFA World Cup
09 Jun 2018France v USAD1-1International Friendly
01 Jun 2018France v ItalyW3-1International Friendly
28 May 2018France v Republic of IrelandW2-0International Friendly
27 Mar 2018Russia v FranceW1-3International Friendly
23 Mar 2018France v ColombiaL2-3International Friendly
14 Nov 2017Germany v FranceD2-2International Friendly
10 Nov 2017France v WalesW2-0International Friendly
10 Oct 2017France v BelarusW2-1FIFA World Cup
07 Oct 2017Bulgaria v FranceW0-1FIFA World Cup
03 Sep 2017France v LuxembourgD0-0FIFA World Cup
31 Aug 2017France v NetherlandsW4-0FIFA World Cup

Belgium Results 2017/18

Here is a list of games Belgium have played recently:

06 Jul 2018Brazil v BelgiumW1-2FIFA World Cup
02 Jul 2018Belgium v JapanW3-2FIFA World Cup
28 Jun 2018England v BelgiumW0-1FIFA World Cup
23 Jun 2018Belgium v TunisiaW5-2FIFA World Cup
18 Jun 2018Belgium v PanamaW3-0FIFA World Cup
11 Jun 2018Belgium v Costa RicaD0-0International Friendly
06 Jun 2018Belgium v EgyptW3-0International Friendly
02 Jun 2018Belgium v PortugalD0-0International Friendly
27 Mar 2018Belgium v Saudi ArabiaW4-0International Friendly
14 Nov 2017Belgium v JapanW1-0International Friendly
10 Nov 2017Belgium v MexicoD3-3International Friendly
10 Oct 2017Belgium v CyprusW4-0FIFA World Cup
07 Oct 2017Bosnia and Herzegovina v BelgiumW3-4FIFA World Cup
03 Sep 2017Greece v BelgiumW1-2FIFA World Cup
31 Aug 2017Belgium v GibraltarW9-0FIFA World Cup

France vs Belgium Head To Head Statistics & Matches 2018

France vs Belgium Head To Head statistics and matches 2018? Here are the France vs Belgium statistics from all previous games since the first meeting in 1904. France and Belgium have played 73 games since 1904. Belgium have the edge with 30 wins to Francee’s 24. Their most recent meeting was a International Friendly game in 2015, which ended in a 3-4 win for Belgium.

France Games won:24
Games drawn:19
Belgium Games won:30

France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results Since 1981-2018

Looking for France vs Belgium Head To Head since 1904? How does the France vs Belgium Head To Head stats look like for the semfinal game in World Cup 2018? Here is a full list of France vs Belgium Head To Head results and stats since 1904. These are the results from games in World Cup, European Championship, International friendlies and non-major tournaments.

07 Jun 2015France v BelgiumL3-4International Friendly
14 Aug 2013Belgium v FranceD0-0International Friendly
15 Nov 2011France v BelgiumD0-0International Friendly
18 Feb 2004Belgium v FranceW0-2International Friendly
18 May 2002France v BelgiumL1-2International Friendly
27 May 1998Belgium v FranceW0-1King Hassan II Cup
27 Mar 1996Belgium v FranceW0-2International Friendly
25 Mar 1992France v BelgiumD3-3International Friendly
28 Jun 1986Belgium v FranceW2-4FIFA World Cup
16 Jun 1984France v BelgiumW5-0UEFA European Championship
31 May 1983France v BelgiumD1-1Luxembourg 75th Anniversary
09 Sep 1981Belgium v FranceL2-0FIFA World Cup
29 Apr 1981France v BelgiumW3-2FIFA World Cup

France vs Belgium H2H Record & Results (Head-to-Head stats)

France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results Since 1950-1980

15 Nov 1975France v BelgiumD0-0UEFA European Championship
12 Oct 1974Belgium v FranceL2-1UEFA European Championship
15 Nov 1970Belgium v FranceW1-2International Friendly
28 Oct 1967France v BelgiumD1-1UEFA European Championship
11 Nov 1966Belgium v FranceL2-1UEFA European Championship
20 Apr 1966France v BelgiumL0-3International Friendly
02 Dec 1964Belgium v FranceL3-0International Friendly
25 Dec 1963France v BelgiumL1-2International Friendly
18 Oct 1961Belgium v FranceL3-0International Friendly
15 Mar 1961France v BelgiumD1-1International Friendly
28 Feb 1960Belgium v FranceL1-0International Friendly
01 Mar 1959France v BelgiumD2-2International Friendly
27 Oct 1957Belgium v FranceD0-0FIFA World Cup
11 Nov 1956France v BelgiumW6-3FIFA World Cup
25 Dec 1955Belgium v FranceL2-1International Friendly
11 Nov 1954France v BelgiumD2-2International Friendly
30 May 1954Belgium v FranceD3-3International Friendly
25 Dec 1952France v BelgiumL0-1International Friendly
22 May 1952Belgium v FranceW1-2International Friendly
01 Nov 1950France v BelgiumD3-3International Friendly
04 Jun 1950Belgium v FranceL4-1International Friendly

France vs Belgium H2H Record & Results (Head-to-Head stats)

France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results Since 1925-1949

17 Oct 1948France v BelgiumD3-3International Friendly
06 Jun 1948Belgium v FranceL4-2International Friendly
01 Jun 1947France v BelgiumW4-2International Friendly
15 Dec 1945Belgium v FranceL2-1International Friendly
24 Dec 1944France v BelgiumW3-1International Friendly
18 May 1939Belgium v FranceW1-3International Friendly
05 Jun 1938France v BelgiumW3-1FIFA World Cup
30 Jan 1938France v BelgiumW5-3International Friendly
21 Feb 1937Belgium v FranceL3-1International Friendly
08 Mar 1936France v BelgiumW3-0International Friendly
14 Apr 1935Belgium v FranceD1-1International Friendly
21 Jan 1934Belgium v FranceW2-3International Friendly
26 Mar 1933France v BelgiumW3-0International Friendly
01 May 1932Belgium v FranceL5-2International Friendly
07 Dec 1930France v BelgiumD2-2International Friendly
25 May 1930Belgium v FranceW1-2International Friendly
13 Apr 1930France v BelgiumL1-6International Friendly
26 May 1929Belgium v FranceL4-1International Friendly
15 Apr 1928France v BelgiumL2-3International Friendly
20 Jun 1926Belgium v FranceD2-2International Friendly
11 Apr 1926France v BelgiumW4-3International Friendly

France vs Belgium H2H Record & Results (Head-to-Head stats)

France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results Since 1904-1924

11 Nov 1924Belgium v FranceL3-0International Friendly
13 Jan 1924France v BelgiumW2-0International Friendly
25 Feb 1923Belgium v FranceL4-1International Friendly
15 Jan 1922France v BelgiumW2-1International Friendly
06 Mar 1921Belgium v FranceL3-1International Friendly
28 Mar 1920France v BelgiumW2-1International Friendly
09 Mar 1919Belgium v FranceD2-2International Friendly
25 Jan 1914France v BelgiumW4-3International Friendly
16 Feb 1913Belgium v FranceL3-0International Friendly
28 Jan 1912France v BelgiumD1-1International Friendly
30 Apr 1911Belgium v FranceL7-1International Friendly
03 Apr 1910France v BelgiumL0-4International Friendly
09 May 1909Belgium v FranceL5-2International Friendly
12 Apr 1908France v BelgiumL1-2International Friendly
21 Apr 1907Belgium v FranceW1-2International Friendly
22 Apr 1906France v BelgiumL0-5International Friendly
07 May 1905Belgium v FranceL7-0International Friendly
01 May 1904Belgium v FranceD3-3International Friendly

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France vs Belgium Head To Head Record & Results (H2H stats)

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