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All Time Leading Goalscorers in Bundesliga – Top 10


3. Jupp Heynckes – 220 Goals

Jupp Hynckes is one of the Top 10 Goalscorers in Bundesliga History

Jupp Hynckes is well known for his time at Borussia Mönchengladbach as a player and as a manager at Bayern Munchen. Well we might know him from being a manager at Bayern Munchen but do we know that he was one of the most prolific players in the Bundesliga and one of the greatest German players of all time? well if you don’t then now you will know. Jupp Hynckes scored an incredible 220 goals in 369 matches in the Bundesliga 12 of the goals coming from the penalty spot he had a goal ration of 0.6 goals per game.


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