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Top 10 Sports Competitions With Biggest Prize Money In 2020

Sports competitions with biggest prize money

Sports competitions with highest prize money: biggest and most prize money in any sports  event 2020!

Want to know about Sports competitions with biggest prize money? Which tournament has the highest prize money 2020? Most prize money in any sports? UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2020? How much did Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur get in prize money last year? Premier League Prize Money Breakdown? ICC Cricket World Cup Prize Money Distribution? How much US Open and French Open prize money 2019/20? What is the F1 Prize Money 2019-20?

Highest prize money tournament: 10 sports events paying most in prize money

Sports are increasingly becoming a big money business these days. TV rights, sports sponsorship and advertisements mean that sports have been generating a lot of money. This means that the money generated from the increasing revenue has to be distributed somehow to the leading sport stars. So which sports generate the most amount of prize money? Well we’re going to find out. Here we look at the Top 10 Sports competitions with biggest prize money in 2020.

Sports in general is one of the most lucrative industry in the world both business wise and entertainments wise some of the top level athletes of different sports are millionaires and sports has kind of given them so much over the course of their careers. As sports move along money is becoming a big part of every major sports and today we are going to take a look at 10 team sports competitions (tournaments/Leagues) which has the highest prize money pool and where the winning team gets the most money.

PL Sports Prize Money

Did you know that the Premier League in England recently signed a domestic TV rights deal which is worth $8 billion (£5.136 billion)? The money is distributed over three years from 2016 to 2019.

Plus another $5 billion (£3 billion) will be generated from foreign TV deals. So with all this money, it has to go somewhere right? They are distributing the money every year for three years to Premier league clubs. This means that even the bottom team of the league are likely gain £100 million for a season. The champions will get around £150 million.

Where even if a team finish at the bottom of the league in 20th place they are likely to take home around £100 million for a season while the champions will get around £150 to £160 depending on various bonuses. So if we take other european leagues into account these are the highest paying competitions in the world with massive prize money pool. But we are going to exclude the leagues and only focus on competitions/Tournaments which.

Top 10 Sports Competitions with biggest Prize Money In 2020

Highest prize money sport – worlds highest paying sporting events in 2020

 NO# Event Sport Prize Money Pool Winners
1 UEFA Champions League Football Varies (2016 total was $1.3 billion) Varies (2016 winners Real Madrid got $75 million)
2 Formula 1 MotorSport $797.5m Varies (2015 winners Mercedez got $98.97m)
3 FIFA World Cup  Football $576m $35m
4 UEFA Euro Prize Money  Football $245m  $29M
5 World Series (MLB) Baseball Varies (2014 total pool was $66.5m) 36% of total prize money pool (2014 winners got $22.5m)
6 UEFA Europa League prize money Football Varies (2014 total pool was $237m) Varies (2014 winners got Sevilla got $16.4m)
7 Super Bowl Prize Money NFL $11M
8 FedEx Cup Golf $35m $10m 
9 World Series Poker  Poker $62m $10m
10 Wimbledon Tennis $45m $3.9m
11 US Open prize money Tennis $47m $4m
12 Dubai World Cup Horse Racing $10m
13 FIFA Club World Cup Football $28m $7m
14 UEFA Nations League Prize Money Football  
15 US Masters prize money Golf  
16 Australian Open Tennis prize money Tennis  
17 French Open Prize Money Tennis  
18 Cricket IPL Prize Money Cricket  
19 World Boxing Super Series finals Prize Money Boxing  
20 Tour De France Prize Money Cycling  
21 La Liga Prize Money Football  
22 Premier League Prize Money Football
23 EFL CUP Prize Money Football  
24 ICC Champions Trophy Prize Money Cricket  
25 Bundesliga prize money Football  
26 FA Cup Prize Money Football  
27 FIFA Confederations Cup Prize Money Football  

Sports with the biggest disparity in prize money

Sports competitions with biggest prize money 2020

FIFA World Cup 2019 Prize Money- Teams

FIFA World Cup 2019 prize money for teams breakdown:

Position Prize (per team) ($US) Total prize fund
Group stage $8m $128m
Last 16 $12m $96m
Quarter-finals $16m $64m
Fourth place $22m $22m
Third place $24m $24m
Runners-up $28m $28m
Winners $38m $38m
TOTAL $400m

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Sports competitions with biggest prize money- breakdown

The number one sports event that generates the most amount of prize money is the UEFA Champions League. This competition is serious money which is why so many teams treat it as the holy grail. Aside from the cultural and prestige values ingrained into it. Tennis events also involve a lot of money. The four major grand slams (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open) always see an increase in the total prize money every year.

The Wimbledon tennis event has $42.2 million in prize money which is distributed to players and the winners (men and women).  The players take home around $2.4 million each. The amount of prize money to individual athletes depends on where they finish of course so the first round losers in singles competitions usually get $37,000.

The winning team of the current FIFA World Cup gets around $35 million. This is huge money for international teams- can you imagine a team like Peru or Iceland getting this amount of money?! Although that would be very hard for them to win.

Interestingly, the World Series Poker tournament comes in a number nine- beating the Wimbledon tournament in terms of prize money. Players who play poker are paid a lot of money- (yes poker is considered a sport). So these events mean huge money for poker players around the world.

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