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Leeds United FC (Football Club) is a team that has experienced a dramatic fall in recent years. But there was a time when Leeds used to compete with the biggest clubs in England, as well as with the European elite. The club was founded in the year 1919 after the leading professional football team in the city 'Leeds City Football Club' was disbanded. Leeds United are also known as The Peacocks or simply just Leeds. Ever since the club was formed in 1919 Leeds have played using only one home  ground throughout the years, Elland Road. Ellan Road holds a capacity of 37,900 seats and it's record attendance being well over 55,000 during the old days.

Leeds United transfer news

Leeds United players transfer news is something that just dropped it's standards in recent years. It has always been talked about as 'gambling' club. Leeds had taken out large loans against the prospect of the share of the TV rights And also the sponsorship revenues from UEFA Champions League qualification and their progress in the competition. This idea didn't turn out the right way as Leeds missed on UEFA Champions League Football narrowly in back to back seasons. The first indication that the club was in financial trouble was the sale of their super star defender and midfielder Rio Ferdinand to Manchester United for approximately £30 million. Leeds chairman Peter  Ridsdale and the manager at that time "O'Leary" publicly fell out over the sale of Big Rio. Later, O'Leary was sacked and replaced by former England manager Terry Venables. Leeds started to perform awfully on the pitch under Venables and it led to a huge downfall. The club kept selling their best players to repay their loans. One of the their big money sales included Jonathan Woodgate's sale to Real Madrid. Leeds is having a lot of problems in signing in the players the coach actually asks for and it remains to be seen for how long they can stay in the low-key shadows of the English league.

Leeds United transfer rumours

There is always news and rumours when it comes to Leeds. The English gossip press is even started with their rumours and exclusive news as they say they are dug out. There are usually several pages with  Leeds United transfer rumours on the internet and in the newspapers and there is nothing to write about if the newspapers usually find news. If it's not credible news, it's usually rumours that you've taken from the air about either transitions.

Leeds United stream

The Peacocks used to be a team that widely supported across the globe. They were renowned for playing an attractive style of football and therefore there are many fans who want their club get back on that level and watch Leeds United live stream and follow the team. The fans also usually participate in very goal-winning matches and it is often a joy to see when Leeds plays like the good old days. Leeds United live stream online free  is something that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Leeds United.

Leeds United game schedule

Fixtures Leeds United ? The Championship is determined after playing 46 game weeks from August to May. That means 46 matches per season only in the league are taken into equation. Then they also play the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season. Therefore,  Leeds United fixtures are very packed and it is often possible to play two or three matches within a week's time. The competition season offers very many matches and then you can also add training cups and various Pre Season competitions. When it comes to  Leeds United fixtures and Leeds United schedule , it's possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Championship's game schedule.

Leeds United match today ?

It's easy to find when Leeds United is playing his next match. It is often said that they play on Saturdays when it comes to league games and Tuesdays or Wednesdays when it is the Champions League that calls. Unfortunately, the Peacocks now a days don't play among the European elite like the old days. To be absolutely sure we have collected all the matches in one and the same place.

Leeds United Champions League and Europe League

Leeds used to be a team that played in the Champions League almost every season. The club has a long way to back to where they used to be and are eager to win back the promotion to top flight football. During their best years of the tournament, they have taken part in both the Champions League finals and semi-finals. It seems to be more like a matter of time before the club gets promoted.

Leeds United next game

What match is the next in Championship game program? There are many fans who want to see the team play because of many reasons. They have many young stars in the squad while playing a very attractive football. But next match in the league match at Leeds United fixtures, they aren't favourites to win certainly though.

Leeds United lineup

As we mentioned above,  Leeds United's lineup and starting line up is full of young stars. The team's latest coach, especially Paul Heckingbottom, has picked up the players in the squad and spent a lot of time in developing their character. Looking at  Leeds United players and squad, they have many young and talented players and several English players. Most of them younger are than James Milner. It has been thought of before they made their assignments and many of them have been made in view of the future. And also the players who may take a starting place in a couple of three years. Heckingbottom likes to play with a lineup with the 4-3-2-1 formation. The whole has worked all right since the English coach took over and it remains to see how much he can take the Leeds faithful at Ellan Road Stadium.the

Leeds United news

There is constant buzz around this English club. Today, they may not be challenging some of the  world's biggest football clubs, but the news about the Leeds Club is showing up. If we look at Peacocks' payroll, they will undoubtedly pay some of the lowest in Europe. If you only look at the wages, they are not incredibly high. However, the bonus system is allowed here, which means that players reach up to high sums fairly quickly. This to get around the  FIFA Financial Fair Play .

Leeds United latest news

Leeds United news  is often about game purchases, but it is also very interesting about other parts. It is especially information about  Leeds United tickets , shirts and  match kit  as it is written. There are also many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or tablets. Click to go to United official shop,  Twitter account  and webpage .