Spanish La liga Winners List – Past all time winners 1903-2018

Spanish La liga Winners List – Past all time winners 1903-2017

Spanish La Liga Past Winners Since 1929

Spanish La Liga Past Winners? Have you ever wanted to find out on which Spanish teams have won the La Liga before? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Spanish La Liga Past Winners since 1929.

The Spanish La Liga is one of the most watched football leagues in the world and has one of the top respected team around Europe with Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Athletico Madrid all in the Spanish La Liga and have all won the league before.

Team With Most La Liga Trophies

Spanish La liga Past Winners

Which team has won more La Liga trophies? Of course it’s no other than Real Madrid with 33 La Liga titles to their name they are followed by rivals FC Barcelona with 24 titles to their name. Though in the last decade proceeding have been taking over by FC Barcelona who have taken La Liga by storm with their secret weapon Lionel Messi.

Last La Liga champions

Last La Liga champions? The last winners of La Liga was Real Madrid aginst the runner-up FC Barcelona in the 2016-17 season.

Winner of the 2017/18 La Liga Season

Who won the Spanish La Liga in 2017/18 season? It seems like FC Barclona is going to take La Liga trophy this season.

Winner of the 2016/17 La Liga Season

Who won the Spanish La Liga in 2016/17 season? Real Madrid won the La Liga trophy this season.

Winner of the 2015/16 La Liga Season

Who won the Spanish La Liga in 2015/16 season? FC Barcelona won the La Liga trophy that season.

Full List of the past winners of the Spanish La Liga Since 1929

Here is a full list of the past winners of The Spanish La Liga since 1929. Enjoy!

Last 10 years La Liga winners – 2006-07 — 2016-17

Last 10 La Liga winners? Here are the last 10 La Liga winners. Here are the last 10 La Liga winners by year. FC Barcelona has become champion 6 times during the last 10 years La Liga champions. Real Madrid has become runner-up 5 times during the last 10 years La Liga, but has only won La Liga 4 times. Here are the recent La Liga winners and last 10 years La Liga winners:

2017-18FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2016–17Real MadridReal MadridFC BarcelonaFC Barcelona
2015–16FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal MadridReal Madrid
2014–15FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal MadridReal Madrid
2013–14Atlético MadridAtlético MadridFC BarcelonaFC Barcelona
2012–13FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal MadridReal Madrid
2011–12Real MadridReal MadridFC BarcelonaFC Barcelona
2010–11FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal MadridReal Madrid
2009–10FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal MadridReal Madrid
2008–09FC BarcelonaFC BarcelonaReal MadridReal Madrid
2007–08Real MadridReal MadridVillarreal
2006–07Real MadridReal MadridFC BarcelonaFC Barcelona

List of La Liga winners 1929-2007

Previous La Liga winners? Here is the full list with all La Liga winners 1929-2007. Here is also all Runner-up and Third place teams since 1929:

SeasonWinnerRunner-upThird place
2016–17Real MadridFC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
2015–16FC BarcelonaReal MadridAtlético Madrid
2014–15FC BarcelonaReal MadridAtlético Madrid
2013–14Atlético MadridFC BarcelonaReal Madrid
2012–13FC BarcelonaReal MadridAtlético Madrid
2011–12Real MadridFC BarcelonaValencia
2010–11FC BarcelonaReal MadridValencia
2009–10FC BarcelonaReal MadridValencia
2008–09FC BarcelonaReal MadridSevilla
2007–08Real MadridVillarrealFC Barcelona
2006–07Real MadridFC BarcelonaSevilla
2005–06FC BarcelonaReal MadridValencia
2004–05FC BarcelonaReal MadridVillarreal
2003–04ValenciaFC BarcelonaDeportivo La Coruña
2002–03Real MadridReal SociedadDeportivo La Coruña
2001–02ValenciaDeportivo La CoruñaReal Madrid
2000–01Real MadridDeportivo La CoruñaMallorca
1999–2000Deportivo La CoruñaFC BarcelonaValencia
1998–99FC BarcelonaReal MadridMallorca
1997–98FC BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoReal Sociedad
1996–97Real MadridFC BarcelonaDeportivo La Coruña
1995–96Atlético MadridValenciaFC Barcelona
1994–95Real MadridDeportivo La CoruñaReal Betis
1993–94FC BarcelonaDeportivo La CoruñaZaragoza
1992–93FC BarcelonaReal MadridDeportivo La Coruña
1991–92FC BarcelonaReal MadridAtlético Madrid
1990–91FC BarcelonaAtlético MadridReal Madrid
1989–90Real MadridValenciaFC Barcelona
1988–89Real MadridFC BarcelonaValencia
1987–88Real MadridReal SociedadAtlético Madrid
1986–87Real MadridFC BarcelonaEspanyol
1985–86Real MadridFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1984–85FC BarcelonaAtlético MadridAthletic Bilbao
1983–84Athletic BilbaoReal MadridFC Barcelona
1982–83Athletic BilbaoReal MadridAtlético Madrid
1981–82Real SociedadFC BarcelonaReal Madrid
1980–81Real SociedadReal MadridAtlético Madrid
1979–80Real MadridReal SociedadSporting de Gijón
1978–79Real MadridSporting de GijónAtlético Madrid
1977–78Real MadridFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1976–77Atlético MadridFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1975–76Real MadridFC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1974–75Real MadridZaragozaFC Barcelona
1973–74FC BarcelonaAtlético MadridZaragoza
1972–73Atlético MadridFC BarcelonaEspanyol
1971–72Real MadridValenciaFC Barcelona
1970–71ValenciaFC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1969–70Atlético MadridAthletic BilbaoSevilla
1968–69Real MadridLas PalmasFC Barcelona
1967–68Real MadridFC BarcelonaLas Palmas
1966–67Real MadridFC BarcelonaEspanyol
1965–66Atlético MadridReal MadridFC Barcelona
1964–65Real MadridAtlético MadridZaragoza
1963–64Real MadridFC BarcelonaReal Betis
1962–63Real MadridAtlético MadridReal Oviedo
1961–62Real MadridFC BarcelonaAtlético Madrid
1960–61Real MadridAtlético MadridReal Zaragoza
1959–60FC BarcelonaReal MadridAthletic Bilbao
1958–59FC BarcelonaReal MadridAthletic Bilbao
1957–58Real MadridAtlético MadridFC Barcelona
1956–57Real MadridSevillaFC Barcelona
1955–56Athletic BilbaoFC BarcelonaReal Madrid
1954–55Real MadridFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1953–54Real MadridFC BarcelonaValencia
1952–53FC BarcelonaValenciaReal Madrid
1951–52FC BarcelonaAthletic BilbaoReal Madrid
1950–51Atlético MadridSevillaValencia
1949–50Atlético MadridDeportivo La CoruñaValencia
1948–49FC BarcelonaValenciaReal Madrid
1947–48FC BarcelonaValenciaAtlético Madrid
1946–47ValenciaAthletic BilbaoAtlético Aviación
1945–46SevillaFC BarcelonaAthletic Bilbao
1944–45FC BarcelonaReal MadridAtlético Aviación
1943–44ValenciaAtlético AviaciónSevilla
1942–43Athletic BilbaoSevillaFC Barcelona
1941–42ValenciaReal MadridAtlético Aviación
1940–41Atlético AviaciónAthletic BilbaoValencia
1939–40Atlético AviaciónSevillaAthletic Bilbao
1938–39League Cancelled due to Spanish Civil War
1937–38League Cancelled due to Spanish Civil War
1936–37League Cancelled due to Spanish Civil War
1935–36Athletic BilbaoReal MadridReal Oviedo
1934–35Real BetisReal MadridReal Oviedo
1933–34Athletic BilbaoReal MadridRacing Santander
1932–33Real MadridAthletic BilbaoEspanyol
1931–32Real MadridAthletic BilbaoFC Barcelona
1930–31Athletic BilbaoRacing SantanderReal Sociedad
1929–30Athletic BilbaoFC BarcelonaArenas
1929FC BarcelonaReal MadridAthletic Bilbao

La Liga first winner

Who were the first winners of La Liga? The first winners of La Liga was FC Barcelona against the runner-up Real Madrid in 1929.

Most La Liga title wins – Club with most titles in Spain

Club with most La Liga title wins? Real Madrid have 33 La Liga title wins and is the Spanish La Liga team with most wins in Spain. FC Barcelona have 12 La Liga title wins. 

Most La Liga titles by team

Here are the teams with most La Liga titles

Real Madrid3323
Atlético Madrid108
Athletic Bilbao87
Real Sociedad23
Deportivo La Coruña15
Real Betis10

Most La Liga titles by city

Here are the cities with most La Liga titles

Real Madrid (33), Atlético Madrid (10)
Barcelona (24)
Athletic Bilbao (8)
Valencia (6)
San Sebastián
Real Sociedad (2)
Real Betis (1), Sevilla (1)
A Coruña
Deportivo La Coruña (1)

Most La Liga titles by community

Here are the communities with most La Liga titles

Real Madrid (33), Atlético Madrid (10)
Barcelona (24)
Basque Country
Athletic Bilbao (8), Real Sociedad (2)
Valencia (6)
Real Betis (1), Sevilla (1)
Deportivo La Coruña (1)

Other previous winners lists

Previously we have published past winners on the following cups and league’s.

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