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LIST: Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers

Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers

Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers

Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers? Who are Bayern Munich’s all time leading goalscorers? Have you ever thought of finding out on which Bayern Munich players are part of the all time goalscoring list? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers.

Top 10 Bayern Munich Goalscorers

Bayern is considered by many as one of the biggest club’s in the the world, it is not only proclaimed by the people but even on paper Bayern Munich is one of the biggest club’s not only in the Bundesliga but around the world we can tell this by the number of trophies the club has won and by how they play their soccer. Bayern Munich hold the record for the most championships with 28, all but one of these (1932) coming in Bundesliga competition.

The Bundesliga is one of the top leagues in Europe with big teams such as Bayern Munich and Borrussia Dortmund. It is contested by 18 team and operates on a relegation and promotion system.

In recent years Bayern Munich has been the best team in the league winning the last six trophies consecutively, the last time any other team won the league was during the 2011/12 season when Borrussia Dortmund won the league. In this list we take a look at the all time leading Bayern Munich goalscorers.

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List of the Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers

# Name Years League Cup Europe Other Total
1 Germany Gerd Müller 1964–1979 398 78 66 22 564
2 Germany Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 1974–1984 162 25 30 1 218
3 Germany Rainer Ohlhauser 1961–1970 186 16 5 8 215
4 Poland Robert Lewandowski 2014–present 141 24 41 4 210
5 Germany Thomas Müller 2008–present 110 30 43 3 186
6 Germany Roland Wohlfarth 1984–1993 119 18 18 0 155
7 Germany Dieter Hoeneß 1979–1987 102 17 26 0 145
8 Netherlands Arjen Robben 2009–2019 99 16 26 3 144
9 Brazil Giovane Élber 1997–2003 92 16 23 8 139
10 Germany Dieter Brenninger 1962–1971 111 7 7 7 132

Player With Most Goals For Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich All Time Goalscorers

Which player has scored the most goals for Bayern Munich? Gerd Muller is Bayern Munich’s all time leading goalscorer. The German international is also the All time leading goalscorer in the Bundesliga .The German scored 564 goals for the Bavarian’s from 1964 to 1979 making him the all time leading goalscorer.

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